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[WD23] Invalid vTable
Débuté par David Egan, 02 juil. 2018 21:33 - 2 réponses
Posté le 02 juillet 2018 - 21:33
Just tried starting my first new project in WD23 and have had an Invalid vTable error twice now when trying to saving a new/modified file in the analysis. It seems to be at random as I've saved/modified some files with no problem. This is on my development machine running Win7 & I don't have this problem with any other versions (so far, hopefully v23 hasn't triggered it in 21 or 22 which is where all my normal work is done) so looks like it's a specific WD23 problem.

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?


Posté le 02 juillet 2018 - 22:20
Hi David

In my experience, this message is displayed when windev tries to verify that the key is plugged in and cannot find it.

I have it when my USB system is crapping out on me (by example when doing high speed data transfer on the same usb hub where the key resides, or when my USB screens are having a hickup)

So in my experience, it means that your computer is having some kind of USB trouble.

Best regards
Posté le 03 juillet 2018 - 02:15
Thanks Fabrice, that seems to be it. I've plugged into a different hub & it has behaved itself for the last hour or so, so looking good again.