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Connecting to DropBox or OneDrive
Débuté par John Fligg, 11 juil. 2018 11:02 - 4 réponses
Posté le 11 juillet 2018 - 11:02
My apologies if this has been asked previously and I admit I have not investigated this yet.

Has anyone got any code snippet that allows you to connect to DropBox and/or OneDrive?

Posté le 11 juillet 2018 - 13:02
Hi John

there are examples for both in LSTs... you can search for them here: http://pcsoft.fr/st/nouveautes-st.html

and you can order them from that page too

Best regards
Posté le 11 juillet 2018 - 23:40
Thx but I was hoping someone would be willing to share their solution. The LST's are very expensive I find for one solution.

In this case if I can't get any response I'll just forget it. It's not THAT important to me.

Thx all the same.
Posté le 12 juillet 2018 - 11:32
I would like that functionality too and would not mind buying the LST
BUT in english and without goodies.

This is a software oriented magazine and not a teenage one.
Also it could be cheaper and online this is 2018 where all developers have a good internet connection.
Posté le 12 juillet 2018 - 11:51
Agreed. As ever PCSoft don't seem to understand marketing their products professionally or at a "reasonable" price. Cheaper usually equates to more sales.

Whatever I don't care any more. I have other methods if there is no quick fix out there.