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WebDev 23 tutorial issue My_WebDev_Site
Débuté par Don Schwirtlich, 04 aoû. 2018 00:13 - 19 réponses
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 00:13
Working the webdev 23 tutorial - as I am building the Lesson 2.2. Webdev and the databases - as i go to create the second table Orders, the first field is created automatically, the 2nd is Date and then the 3rd field is the Status. Status is a radio list - and I believe I am following the instructions down the line. - When I add the 3rd field, Status, I go to created the several options, 1 is pending , and goes fine, 2 is validated and is fine, then the 3rd is Canceled - and after I enter it , WebDev 23 crashes. Surely I am doing something incorrect here - has anyone had problems with this ?

Thanks in Advance.
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 00:32
Hi Don

I have no precise idea about this tutorial, as I followed mine about 25 years agao...

However, most of the crashes in WX are coming, in my experience, from the anti-virus or equivalent software trying to understand what a development tool is doing.

So start by trying to EXCLUDE webdev AND the project directories from the AV surveillance area.

Best regards
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 00:37
Thanks Fabrice, your suggestion , as I understood, was that I should do these tutorials , before moving to yours, did I understand you correctly ?

And I " got around this " - i think, but entering one option at a time to the radio list, then added the next couple fields, then went back and added the next two options to the radio list. and it seems to be ok. I am using my old Clarion methodology, write, code, design, but save at every possible point.
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 00:48
I excluded the web*. directions and the project directories from the avg review areas - then went and created a test file with the same fields as the Orders from the tutorial - and when i get to the 3rd radio option item - webdev crashes and burns. I got around it by doing the entry a little squirrely - but will try to identify what is pissing webdev off.

And thanks for your suggestions - ...
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 14:46

Did you install the 32 bits or 64 bits version of webdev? if 64, uninstall and install 32 bits
Did you install in multiples directories or only one ? If multiple, uninstall and in,stall everything in ONE directory
Did you install all the updates (ie are you using the last webdev 23)? If not install them.

Best regards
Posté le 04 août 2018 - 15:03
Thank you Fabrice.

1) 32 bit is what i installed - after receiving the warning that I should not install 64 (that was year or two - with 22 btw)
2) All is installed in one directory - I followed the defaults to the letter
3) I assume I have the last webdev 23 updated.

I have all 3 tools, windev, webdev, windev mobile, each of these are installed in their own directories.

I looked in my 'About Webdev' and it tells me I am on WebDev - In a previous message, you said you hadnt looked at webdevs tutorials in 25 years. I feel like I should proceed, warts and all, doing when I can, reading only when I cant, through the webdev 23 tutorial. And then go grab and study whatever is your latest and greatest on webdev - Do you agree ?

Thanks for your attention, Fabrice.

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 00:00
Its pretty astonishing to have something so minor - within the first 60 pages of the highly recommended tutorial - not work.
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 15:04
Hi Don,

just to make you feel good. I tried the same here (2.2 of the tutorial) and WB23 also crashes !! After validating it takes a while and all of a sudden WB23 is gone.

I would report this to pcsoft. They should be able to reproduce this following their own tutorial :-)

I'm not using WB23 at the moment though, so I can't say if WB23 is "buggy" but a simple thing like this doesn't give one much hope.

So I will wait for the next release before using this in LIVE projects, which I tend to do every year with new releases, not just WB but also WD and WM. Unless one of the new features is really usefull for requirements of my customers, then I will give it a try,
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 15:26
Thank you Arie - I did this a lot with my last platform, that of SoftVelocity's Clarion. I was able - after many tries - to 'trick' it into accepting the 3rd etc radio list option. And going back to 22 is certainly doable for me.
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 15:49
Forum friends, I want to stay on WebDev 23 - though i could back to webdev 22 if forced. Does this solution to the issue make sense - the bug i found is on creating a field for a file I was creating in the dictionary (aka Analysis) - was the data type was a radio list - upon entering multiple options - 3rd and > , webdev would crash. Found one mickey mouse work around, not real trusty but it would work.

I went back, built another project - and just created a local variable - put a radio list control on my page, and added options till i - anyway, a lot. No issues - no problems. So the webdev issue - is with the field/data type of radio list and more than 2 options - the issue is not with using radio lists.

So when 'real life' starts , i.e. building the actual project, my temp work around would be doing what I just did, create a radio list control, feed it a local variable, upon commit or whatever - set the field in the file i am using - equal to that local variable, and go on.

Again , this is also mickey mouse, but most work arounds are ? Does anyone see an issue ? Thanks for any suggestions.
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 16:20
Hi Don

Report to Montpelier - they will reproduce it and issue a fix or whatever. One way or the other you will get a solution.

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 16:36
Andre, thank you - i will do that. Could you point me to where i report issues like this - its probably right in front of me, but I dont see where to file reports like this.

Best regards

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 17:31
Hi Don,

right in your Wx product, just click on Home ... Help ... Request to Tech Support

You should report all bugs/issues which you definitely can identify as a real error. From time to time I do report errors which are not really there. If you get an answer from Tech Support, you should get one within 48 hours then carefully read the answer. Sometimes it takes some minutes to understand the solution. However, if the answer is bs (shit happens) then do not hesitate to explain the problem a second or even a third time in other words.
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 18:08
Thank you Guenter, i just sent it over to them.

Best regards,

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 18:53
Hi Don,
If you really wan't this "feature" in your Analysis and the problem is ONLY with WB23 then open your analysis with WD23 (or WD22 etc), do your changes and then go on with your work with WB23.

Steven Sitas
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 19:13
Great idea - I may do exactly that - thats a better solution than my local variable idea. Thanks Steven.

Best regards,

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 19:41
Steven, your idea, go back to 22 and pull up the analysis - and make those changes worked perfectly - thanks and best regards.

Posté le 05 août 2018 - 20:19

you could ask yourself if you really need to add the "type of control" info into the analysis in the first place. Is this usefull? I don't know actually.
Personally I have never do so. I'm handling this in the page or window itself.
Posté le 05 août 2018 - 21:14
Thank you Arie, thats good to know, in my previous life as a clarion programmer, we could do that too, but we didnt. The fact that the tutorial pushed it as the way to handle those kind of situations , made me think it was - 'the way' to accomplish it. Everything I have seen since coming over to the pcsoft way, has been considerably more open.

Best regards,

Posté le 06 août 2018 - 22:40
Guenter, just heard from tech support. They verified the issue - and are working on it. Thanks again for suggesting I send the issue in.

Best regards,

Don Schwirtlich