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WB 23 - Need a login example or tutorial
Débuté par Don Schwirtlich, 07 aoû. 2018 05:05 - 6 réponses
Posté le 07 août 2018 - 05:05
Is there a login example or tutorial anywhere around. Got the website - some one is on the site, and they want to register - click a button to either register or if they have, login. If need to register, brings up a screen with login name, password , 2nd shot at password, then usual registration entries.


Posté le 07 août 2018 - 14:15
Hi Don

first, you need to be more precise when you talk about a webdev problem. The answer will be different depending on that. In this case, are you tlaking about a classic/intranet, awp/internet or php type web site.

The code will be different in each case, and an example of the wrong type will be !ore confusing than anything else.

Second, why do you need an example for something as simple as a login/register? We are talking about 2 pages and 3 fields on each page, with 10 lines if code... What part of the process is a problem for you?

Best regards
Posté le 07 août 2018 - 15:02
First of all, its not a problem, its a question. Most of the previous , probably 10 languages/platforms, etc. that I reviewed, in some cases purchased, in all cases worked with, to see what was closest to what I wanted to use in my new adventure, either had a login/register example, or had a login/register set included in the various templates that I used to get started. Since login/register is pretty much standard on most internet websites, a standard login/register was provided, you loaded it up, and then started writing your own application.

I figured that there would be a working example , in one of the tutorials, or examples that I was told to review.

Best regards,

Posté le 07 août 2018 - 15:09
Hi Don,

WEBDEV has a built-in so-called "user groupware" which enables you to do exactly that, out of the box. While newer GDPR laws aren't friendly to holding files with user names and passwords on a web server it just may be that "user groupware" satisfies your needs.

Posté le 07 août 2018 - 15:28
And wouldnt you know it, thats the chapter I skipped. I should have known. Thanks.

Best regards,

Posté le 07 août 2018 - 15:50
Hi Don

Write your own login stuff. All you really need is the data and argument encrypted and stored somewhere and request a login and password. If this is a business app you can even ship logins and password and/or get them to deliver their bodies to somewhere where these are issues in an unopened envelope which has to be signed for - like with many banks.

The programming is a dribble with WX but you really need to know what the objective is - as Fabrice has pointed out.

We do not use the group-ware stuff at all. Neither do we use H files.

Posté le 07 août 2018 - 20:05
I will have to write my own login - there will be options of linking from an authorized (i.e. paid for already) site or logging in directly - and several variations on that. And thanks for the info - on your use as well. Great to hear from all these heavies like you, Guenter, Fabrice etc., that will increase the time until I start making mistakes on my own !:xcool:

Best regards,