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[WD23] Treeview Table
Débuté par David Egan, 31 aoû. 2018 01:09 - Aucune réponse
Posté le 31 août 2018 - 01:09
I have a Treeview Table loaded from a file and defined in the Content Tab to use a recursive link (parent_id = master_id) . This works perfectly if I don't use the 'Delayed Fill of Sublevels' option. However if I tick that option I get records duplicated & linked incorrectly. For example master_id 34 has a parent_id of 23. Master_id 23 correctly shows 34 as a child. However master_id 26, which is the next record to have a child, shows children of 27 (incorrect, 27 has no parent_id), 28 (correct) and 34 again (incorrect, parent is 23).

I believe it's a bug but I haven't tried this before so it's possible that I've got something wrong. The master_id is a unique key, parent_id is a key with duplicates. Can anyone either tell me where I've gone wrong or confirm that it is a bug so I can report it to PCS.