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Posté le 05 juillet 2019 - 08:48
i think is the time of the year, that we as customer can suggest what we think it should come as new features in the new version of the Windev PCSOFT products.

As you know they might listen or they may not, bu it does not hurt to make a list of the things we think we need or the things we believe they should be improved in the product. we can get this post so everyone can give their ideas and their input in regards to version 25 and the new features or improvements that version should have.

Now that i am posting this thread i will start with my input:

I think the MAP control for Windev Mobile and for all the other environments as well should be improved, we should be able to have functions to use polylines, and shapes in the map, we should be able to have functions to be able to calculate if a point is inside a certain area, in IOS we should be able to select on the map component if you want to use google maps or apple maps (as it is right now you are forced to use apple maps) OSM open street maps should be added as an option for the map control including geo-reverse functionality (transforming longitud and latitude to a street address) i think that the framework lacks allot of functions to develop GPS gero aware applications and that those functions should come in the next version of the product and the map control should be greatly improved.

So guys that is my grain of sand...... what do you think should come as new feature in Windev 25 ?
Posté le 08 juillet 2019 - 15:46

As you all know in Windev you can bind a variable or a field to a control, an EDIT or a Column in a Table
If you use classes the way to go is to use arrays for a display to a table
BUT the Windev BIND is not a BIND is just a pointer to where you copy data to or from using an Instruction (FiletoScreen)
But in other languages the BIND is complete, if you assign a value to the vriable or to the array it automaticaly is part of the edit ot table control, you don´t have to call a Function to do it.

My wish in Version 25 is to get REAL BINDED Controls
Posté le 11 juillet 2019 - 14:59
I would like to see all the previous known bugs finally fixed and some new stuff:

1) Functions to manage GIS data and files (i.e. esri shape files)
2) A more professional interface
3) Most of the graphical elements in the catalog are old and should be dismissed
4) Functions to manage and integrate with Open Text
5) A more efficient and renewed WDMap tool (when it comes to bulky tables it becomes terribly slow)
6) Read and Write DBF files
Posté le 12 juillet 2019 - 23:48
I have not checked to see if any or all of these can be integrated with their respective API's but native support would be nice.


Apache Kafka
Apache Cassandra

Native method to handle .yaml files.
SSH commands for Linux
Webdev Drag & Drop with connectors for building Drag & Drop apps
aka https://www.jgraph.com/ (https://github.com/jgraph/mxgraph)
Drag & Drop for Linux native apps
no video or audio so how about https://webrtc.org (all platforms)

Allow us to set return URL on SSO for Google, Facebook etc ..

Converter to take small ruby, c# & Python snippets which convert to W Langauge,
For example its very easy to find ruby, C# and Python examples of Oauth code for the likes of XERO (Oauth 1.0a) and Coinbase Pro Auth but converting these examples is very painful and very hard to get working.

So how about a snippet converter or function converter from:


We do not need a complete program converter but a snippet or Function converter would be so beneficial, would save hours and days of frustration.

Low level socket access on both Windows and Linux so its easier to write socket programs at packet header level for rtp programming. http://siptutorial.net/RTP/header.html
Posté le 22 juillet 2019 - 15:53
Hi, it's been a good idea to suggest new features!!

1 - Fix them damn old bugs. Some of them to fix I'm waiting for years now.
2 - Make WX-products more compatible within themselves. Means, we should get more of the WINDEV/Windows-features in WINDEV/Linux and WINDEV/Java. Like Repositionable Notes, like Print Preview, like Groupware and so on. Repositionable Notes are a very good start, using them in a network with HFSQL would be a good extension.