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Extract text from image
Débuté par Antonino, 09 sep. 2019 16:31 - 4 réponses
Posté le 09 septembre 2019 - 16:31
Hi Gents,

is there any Windev function or free library that allows to extract the text from an image?
All suggestions are welcome, thank you all.

Posté le 10 septembre 2019 - 04:05
no there are not any functions to deal with OCR in Windev, you need to use external and third party libraries for that
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 08:11
Thanks WindevCol, do you have any suggestion on which is the best free external library to use?
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 15:11
That depends if its a simple job or something more advanced. if its something advanced like processing documents or ID Cards i will recommend LeadTools... they are Great but they are very very very Expensive and you have to pay royalties. but for building solutions for Banks, Public sector, And high traffic or high load processing there is nothing better (that is why they are so expensive).

For simple jobs there are thousands of libraries out there including some that are open source, but like i said, depends what type of work you need to so and how complex that work really is (and of course depends also if its windows, mac, android or IOS you are building the solution for, because the library you choose to use it has to be compatible with the OS you will run your solution in)
Posté le 13 septembre 2019 - 08:07
Thanks WindevCol for your time and suggestions :)