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Pivot control and query from OLEDB (ACCESS)
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Posté le 09 octobre 2019 - 09:33
Hi to all.
I'm a very beginner in Windev and an OLD VB programmer.

I have a query as follows
Int(Year(BilSorge.Data)) AS [Yr],
Int(Month(BilSorge.Data)) AS [Mnth],
LEFT(BilSorge.Sottoconto,2) AS Master,
MID(BilSorge.Sottoconto,3,3) AS HeadAccount,
RIGHT(BilSorge.Sottoconto,5) AS Account,
BilSorge.Descrizione AS Description,
BilSorge.Dare AS Debit,
BilSorge.Avere AS Credit,
BilSorge.Dare - BilSorge.Avere AS Balance

The connection is to an ACCESS database via OLEDB connection

The int function has to be passed as is. If I run the test on the query it works fine because I set

"run with hQueryWithoutCorrection in test mode."

The problem is that in the PVT_Control it returns an error because the system is changing the int() into Integer()

I read somewhere that you need to set that option in the Query description Advanced option but I don't see advanced option in the query description form.

Any Help?

Thank you