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Why does Hash and Base64 have different results(is it wrong?)
Débuté par Mick, 13 jan. 2021 05:16 - 2 réponses
Posté le 13 janvier 2021 - 05:16
windev code:
secretKey is string= "Gu5t9xGARNpq86cd98joQYCN3*******"
srcStr is string = "GETcvm.tencentcloudapi.com/?Action=DescribeInstances&InstanceIds.0=ins-09dx96dg&Limit=20&Nonce=11886&Offset=0&Region=ap-guangzhou&SecretId=AKIDz8krbsJ5yKBZQpn74WFkmLPx3*******&Timestamp=1465185768&Version=2017-03-12"
signStr is string = Encode(HashString(HA_HMAC_SHA_160,srcStr,secretKey),encodeBASE64)
trace(signStr) //the result is "5PaiqVPaSxwQrIfjSGO8wQ+nozE="

php code:
$secretKey = 'Gu5t9xGARNpq86cd98joQYCN3*******';
$srcStr = 'GETcvm.tencentcloudapi.com/?Action=DescribeInstances&InstanceIds.0=ins-09dx96dg&Limit=20&Nonce=11886&Offset=0&Region=ap-guangzhou&SecretId=AKIDz8krbsJ5yKBZQpn74WFkmLPx3*******&Timestamp=1465185768&Version=2017-03-12';
$signStr = base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha1', $srcStr, $secretKey, true));
echo $signStr;
//the resule is "zmmjn35mikh6pM3V7sUEuX4wyYM="

the result is diffrent, and the PHP result is Official.Why???
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Posté le 14 janvier 2021 - 06:52
It's simple: the functions Hash and Encode are two different things. Hash: the source string is unrecoverable. Encode: the source string is recoverable.

Gunter Predl
Posté le 15 janvier 2021 - 14:29
HashString treats the input strings as a raw bytes, therefore the ANSI vs UNICODE character encoding is critical. Change the secretKey and srcStr declarations to 'ANSI String' and your code will produce the same output as the php version.