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Refreshing table contents
Débuté par Antonio Díaz, 06 avr. 2021 22:03 - 2 réponses
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Posté le 06 avril 2021 - 22:03
Hi guys,

I am updating some record in a table through some code in that same window. I am displaying an icon based on the value of one of the fields that might change in that same code. However, when using TableDisplay, I still keep seing the same icon instead of the one I should see based on that new value. What would be the way to go about this?...

Thank you in advance.


Antonio Diaz
Emphasys Software, S.C.
Posté le 07 avril 2021 - 08:22
Hi. you could - using a global variable - save the unique key of the new / altered record and do a TableDisplay(MyTable, tainit). After that do a TableSeek(..) for the saved key value and do a TableSelectPlus(..) on that record.

Kind regards, Guenter
Posté le 07 avril 2021 - 13:25
considering that you are not telling us what type of table this is, how it is filled, or what precise code you are using ANYWHERE, the following is PURE speculation:

Your tabledisplay instruction is not using the proper option for your case (see help to identify in which case you are and find the right one)