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ACCESS-2003 Connector DateTime Problem
Débuté par Helmut RETZEK, 03 mai 2022 18:58 - 1 réponse
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Posté le 03 mai 2022 - 18:58
its just beautiful how easy I can import and use my old native ACCESS-2003 DB into Tables, sort and filter .....

but DATETIME Field exports only the DATE-Part if I update it or create a now record in the Database-Table.

in ACCESS the DateTime is stored: 44684,7886689815
front Part = Date
right part behind comma = time
ACCESS Datetime = 8 Byte REAL

tested around quite some time and find that WINDEV ACCESS JET-DB Connector imports DATETIME from ACCESS correctly but exports it just as an integer, not as a real (when exporting the WINDEV nativ DATETIME via DateTimeToReal () )

when I change the ACCESS-DateTime Field in the "Analyzer" to a REAL 8 BYTE then export is done correctly

but now the Table is not longer shown in the TABLE-Control (created every time a new table to represent the actual present state of the imported table)

Has anyone a working WorkAround ?

best regards
HeliRetzek, Austria
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Posté le 10 juin 2022 - 11:17
I would just try to import it as 1 or more text fields. There has to be a way. Once you get the text into a table converting it to actual date/time data will be easy and it can be automated in VBA as part of the import process. Some things to consider:

There are different types of text files and different character sets. Try saving it a different way. Open it in a text editor and save it from there. Open it in MS Word and try different text formats.

What is the delimiter? Try different ones.

There could be an invisible character Access can't handle that is part of this format. The first bullet may help with that.

Open it in excel and save it as one of the CSV formats.

Keep trying. I can't believe there isn't a combination of settings https://voojio.com/chatroom/omegle that https://omegle.ws will work.