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« Looks like there is a new WD 7.5US demo available for download. >From the PC Soft site: This trial version enables you to perform all types of tests from WinDev 7.5. (30-day tri… »
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« Hi all, Has anybody ordered WD8US Benelux pre-version yet?? and if so can you tell me the update-price. Regular sources are a bit confusing about this. Thanks for any reply. Greeti… »
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« Has any one had problems printing a code128 barcode? I was wanting to print a 22 digit barcode using subset C. Noticed first of all that windev 7.5 does not allow me to select whic… »
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« Hello, What does the .Net generation mean??? Can Windev 8 generate .Net code from my application? Regards J. Flietstra… »
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« Hmmm, thought I posted this question last night, but I don't see it here this morning. If Parsimony is playing a joke on me (again) please excuse this second post, but I really do … »
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« I am using a query to get data from mysql. Can I link a progress bar to that query ?? I haven't been able to figure out how. thank you, joe… »
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« I'm looking for many command for search data in windev like Hreadseek, hfilter,tableseek and so on.I don't know what's the best command that is for fast to search data for more tha… »
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« Hello all, I have a question regarding the behavior of assisted edit combo-boxes. I have one such combo-box and I need to "lock" the pull-down functionality of the combo box. While… »
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« Hi It seems that some of my characters are thrown away when I submit the message. The question basically is if I have filled a ListBox with the following: "Peter" TAB "Jones" TAB … »
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« Hello, I know a patch or some sort of solution was posted with the release of WinXP for the proper running of Windev 5.5. Unfortunately, I did not download it then because I had po… »
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