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« Dear WinDev Developer, This message is intended to give some information about WinDev 7.5 US Version. WinDev 7.5 version 204k is now available and is currently going through the … »
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« get French version WINDEV I can change font(police) in style but i didn't found to change font script ( in example Western,East Europe) - data display correctly ( in a form) but no… »
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« Hello, I have a Stored Procedure defined like below. Is it possible to call (with SQLExec) such a SP AND return output parameters to WinDev? Best regards Raimund Schuldhaus CRE… »
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« This message concerns the use of ShellExecute() with an Excel document. ShellExecute("c:\my documents\file.xls") may generate error messages if Excel is not already open. In this… »
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« Can some one give mi a hint on how to make HFilter's second option Hfilter with a condition. nMes is int nAno is int nMes = 2 nAno = 2001 HFilter( "RECETAS" , "RECETAS.REMES = '… »
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« Hello, If I have the Windev dongle attached and behind that a printer (Okipage 14ex on LPT1) then the printer only print nice empty pages. (not only from Windev but also from Word… »
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« Hi, I try to create a small class to set the ..brushcolor (..couleurfond) property for some controltypes, who will get the focus, in the complete project The problem is that it l… »
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« An invitation to anyone who cares to attend a meeting of Windev developers in Australia in Melbourne, July 1. Time and venue to be announced. Gill… »
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« Are there any good reasons why one should not change a child record's parent by substituting CLEUNIKs that exist already?… »
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« Is it possible, to use the ENTER-Key (instead the TAB-Key) to move from field to field ? The old DOS-Users are used to the ENTER-Key for moving and it is not easy, to convert the u… »
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