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« Hello I use this code from an existing example // if the user computer is not connected to Internet IF InternetConnected()=False THEN Info("") RETURN END HourGlass() // start a se… »
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« Hi All I am trying to get my head around this data type, with specific reference to working with SQL flavours other than the HyperSQL stuff where the primary field will auto-incre… »
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« Hello, I am finding it hard to explain as to what I want but let me try. I have a well designed Data Entry Window. When the user clicks on Validate button it validates the data … »
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« Hi All If I change some of the error messages in WebDev on my dev machine and use Export it creates a REG file with the changes for me. Must I manually process that REG file on th… »
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« Hello i try get work my webservice connect the to the bi of sap business. I must say that I execute this request with fidler program and everything work fine i get the result. This… »
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« Hi all I've added a .TXT in the license agreement part in the WD setup (setup is with HTTP live update), however when updating the application the user is getting the below error … »
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« still no native report in WM23 android, why ?… »
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« Hi all I am using a .net dll to get a list values. from c# in my project i have declare a arraylist and try to assign the list values to the array list .that not working.. any id… »
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« After 11 years of working for the company I work for, I finally turned in my resignation as CT. Man it feels great. I'm going to miss many people there who are like extended family… »
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« Hi All Has anyone installed the WX22 WAS on a 2016 server without incident? Cheers André… »
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