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« I'm working with WD 21. I have a win32 exe working perfectly on my PC and others PC's But a customer have a c++ adv error. The c++ runtime for WD 21 is Visual C++ 2013 redistrib… »
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« Hello everyone, I'm trying desperately to log on to the following website but it does not work: http://www.drawinflation.com/user Sending the form seems to work, but when I visit … »
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« Hi I'm trying to make a webhook in windev but I'm having difficulty responding to the request. using pageparameter I have taken the parameters now I need my webservice or my webdev… »
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« Hi I got error as below: FAQ8826 (H0007) but my dongle for wd19 is running find in win10. Strange... Any clue? Thx in advance Cheers King… »
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« Hello I want to move between 2 champs schedule the Appointment by drag and drop, but not find how Can you help me? thanks… »
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« Hi Where can i download HFSQL Server ? It's free ? I don't find the link in windev site.… »
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« as subject meikl… »
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« Hi , In the following link it is told that we can save the documents in the HFSQL https://help.windev.com/… "Save the documents in HFSQL databases," but I dont see any examples on… »
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« Hello, Using WinDev23. I need to get the color of either the system active title bar, system task bar or current window active title bar. I have tried using SysColor() function wit… »
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« Hi all, When testing WB23's WW_Forum_PHP sample, in PAGE_EditTopic I noticed that it is impossible to write text which includes "extended" Ascii characters such as é, ä, ö, å, ü e… »
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