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« Just for your information: Hi friends, Mr. Thomas Seifert, the main creator of the open source Phorum software https://www.phorum.org/ which we're using here on mysnip.de, told m… »
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« Hi All, I created a sample windev project to read text from an image. There are many opensource libraries are available. I used Tesseract for read text. I created a windev.dll fo… »
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« Hi All Is there any way to run a unit example? The Go buttons are dimmed. Cheers André… »
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« Hi, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to call a block of Swift code in anyway from a WM app? So let's say I've written a WM app that does some great things, but there's a partic… »
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« Good day How can you use a parameter inside a query in a CASE statement. I.e. I want to pass a parameters {Period} = 2 as a field in the query and then se that in a case i.e. CAS… »
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« Hi, Has anybody integrated Webdev with authorize.net's accept.js? We have our back end windev systems integrated with authorize.net already but want to extend that to web payment… »
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« We have schools that use our software with touch screens. When we upgraded to WD 22, some machines started having a problem where randomly, no matter where you touch it selected th… »
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« Hello All, Trying to read a xml file with 37,000 lines to Import into data files the data will go in 5 different files OrderHeader OrderDetail OrderOptions PackingListItems Packin… »
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« Hi I was wondering about to execute a stored Procedure but this are going to return a Data Source, when I try to read this data source WD said that this data source wasn't declare… »
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« Hello to all This below is an image representing the Porto Cervo Marina map. I would like to create a designer to recognize each single boat place using an hotspot that must co… »
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