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« Using Windev Mobile 27 in an Android app: nFid is int = fOpen(gsPath+"textfile.txt",foAnsi+foRead) fSeek(nFid,0,fpBeginning) s is ANSI string = fRead(nFid,100) s = "… »
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« The Compile() method returns an error when Windev can not compile it. For instance (correct code): teller is int = hnbrec("client") result teller This code returns the amount of … »
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« Hello, I created new small testing project and for the first time I use HFSQL classic. I created some simple queries as I always do. They show in "Stored queries" in Analysis and… »
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« Hi All I have seen discussions about this before. Has anyone managed to use an API for WhatsApp and Telegram? Like sending messages to them? Cheers André… »
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« Hello I have a problem with the installer He does everything but when he gets to the last stage he returned an error to me projectname \ InstGrp \ _MODAUTO.zip directori not found… »
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« Hello i have a problem with python, i integrated a python file with a procedure that returns a string value I test on my computer and everything is ok. I install the software on t… »
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« Hello, I have to process a text-file that contains unicode-strings. For example, a string contains : Grand café This should display as : Grand café So I need to convert the s… »
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« Strange thing Hello everybody It happens to me that by mistake I started some preverence and the code is colored is it possible to delete it if so how? I attach image Thank you Mim… »
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« Is there a control or a setting that Will Capitalize The First Letter In Each Word. If not, the following code works well using a space as a delimeter. Edit1..Value = " " + Edit1..… »
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« Hi, I really frustrated with this problem. I experience connection problem with Windev very often when connecting to postgresql cloud database. Here is the error message : 72810 … »
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