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« Since neither RETURNTOCAPTURE or SETFOCUS work in a Universal Windows 10 app, how can I focus on a particular control? What command will work in WINDEV? -- Vincent D Crosby… »
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« Hi, I need to get data (telephone calls) from a Siemens Hipath Telephone System. Anyone done this before? Not really a Windev question maybe. On the other hand: I need to integrate… »
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« Hello, i need solve this problem. We have Windev 23 and Webdev 23. If we try to add new table from existing As400 database (via native access), Windev crash. In event viewer is th… »
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« Hi, 1) What's the command to select a certain table row & column in windev ? "TableSelectPlus" is to select the row... How about the column ? 2) And will it becomes EDIT entry … »
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« I am working on an app that contains forms and loopers. The general flow is that when you fill out a form, you can view it in a looper. When you select a form that was already fill… »
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« I have a MS SQL Server database that I need to open using a valid C# connection string. Is there a way to open the connection using the provided connection string? I want to be abl… »
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« I'm running the latest version of Windev 23 and creating a 64-bit windows program. The program's exe works fine but I can't create an auto-update install. I've tried many times, I'… »
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« Hi, I use tabletoexcel to export a large table to excel. I use WD14 and it takes a long time to export all rows in one excel file. If I split it in 20.000-row pieces the process r… »
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« Hello, I am trying to hash the passwords using: sPassword is string = "MiContraseña" sClave is string = HashString(HA_SHA_256, sPassword) tmp is string FOR i=1 _TO_ Length(sClave… »
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« I have a client who would like a BPM. They need to be able to procure or build a BPM that is then configurable to have End-User build workflow templates and generate emails/report… »
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