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« I use ODBC driver version 21 in a .NET winform application, to access a hyperfilesql database. The application works fine in Windows 7, but often crash in Windows 10 when execute … »
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« From a table I send block of emails to individual mail addresses. This works fine as long as I am sending to a single email address. I can send to two addresses at the same time u… »
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« Hello, WD17: Since the Windows 10 anniversary update is installed on my machine, I can not generate an executable of my programs (it's not program related, it never works) Just t… »
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« I am trying to view the HFile data using an SQL tool. It correctly connects to the ODBC source an correctly shows all HFile tables (files in the directory). But if I want to execu… »
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« Hi, I'm freelance Windev programmer, working with windev from 2000 You can contact me here : edjove@hotmail.com I'm working with WINDEV from version 7.5 Thanks for all.… »
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« Is there anybody working with MS SQL Server Native Access and Windows CE? I just need to know if it works. TIA Sebastian -- http://arnoldconsult.de WinDev 21 with Oracle, WinDev… »
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« Hello! I want to import an android library (.arr) into windev mobile. Is it possible? How windev mobile manage this files? Thank you!… »
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« Hi guys, I a problem with a setup of replication between HFSQL servers i hope anyone can help me. I want to know how to recreate that missing file. BDD\__hyl\part_0.hyl Ty Error … »
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« Hi Forum, I have following problem, where I need some advice, what would be the best way: I am developing a new application, which has 2 parts: 1. Part: A normal Windev Client S… »
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« Greetings everyone, is there an easy way to make WD try reconnect when a physical connection to a Db is lost? I have next situation. I'm using OLEDB to connect to an SQL server d… »
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