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« Hello, how can I keep a mother window clickable or editable while a report is opening. Thanks -- Programmeur Analyste… »
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« Hello. I would like to ask hoe to close the report by programming in windev. for example to close a window we use close() function. So which function I can use for closing a report… »
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« Hello How can i find the IP address with Android. NetMachineName/NetIPAddress both not valid in Android. On the HyperfileSQL server - once the android app is connected it shows … »
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« Good day everybody I need to create a webservice that receives automatic notifications from a third party API REST, how can I program this since the WS will only be waiting for it… »
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« Hi I'm trying to make a webhook in windev but I'm having difficulty responding to the request. using pageparameter I have taken the parameters now I need my webservice or my webdev… »
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« Folks, We are trying to integrate TX Text Control .NET into WinDev application. There is a license file associated with the TX Text Control (.licx extension file ). So when WinDev… »
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« Hi, when editing the file properties in the analysis, one can insert any file extension which is reasonable for one's audience. In our case it is .DAT However, throughout the HF C… »
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« Hi, I have created a manifest for my application to use a ocx without admin rights. works so far, but I have now the problem that all tooltips never work. Don´t know the reason. … »
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« Hello Gang ! As Google Has already Announced that All Android Apps must be built with 64 bit Framework and after the August of 2019 it won't Support 32 bit. Now, How to Generate 6… »
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« Hi guys! I've a question! In my company, some costumers are prepared to migrate theirs databases from SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 to SQL Server 2017. My question /issue is: Is the N… »
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