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« Hi all ... is there an answer to the question from the subject ? I was trying with ScrollbarPosition w/o any luck. When I tested it by tracing, It would return 1, visible or not. … »
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« Hi Its posible to use Proguard to offuscate a WM application? In the previous WM19 44t version, in the configuration of Android SDK to use was a option to use Proguard, but in cu… »
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« I have been working on this all day and cannot find a way to solve it, although it seems it should be easy. For historical reasons I would like to use my own unique ID's for a file… »
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« Hello, I need to run a PHP script from a windev application When i run it from the browser with : https://Xxxxx.com/test.php It runs when i use : HTTPrequest("https://Xxxxx.com… »
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« What would be the equivalent windev commands to use the RTSP PROTOCOL? I want to stream the video from my I.P camera and take a snapshot then save the snap image to my pic table. p… »
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« Bonjour, je dois gerer des cles Dallas Type DS1921G avec windev 16 sous Windows Seven, si une personne a deja developpé ce type de module, serait il possible de prendre contact en… »
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« I want to change my User (Developer) Name from "Alan" to "AC". Where in WD can I do this? I went to Tools|Options|General Options but it won't let me change it there. Do I have to … »
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« We use Windev 19 (but we've tested it in WD21 as well and it's the same problem). We use an external .Net library for integration of encrypted communication with health-related web… »
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« Posté le 19 décembre 2016 - 18:41 Hi, I'm freelance Windev programmer, working with windev from 2000 You can contact me here : edjove@hotmail.com I'm working with WINDEV from ve… »
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« I'm looking to do half hour increments on the time slot of the scheduler. How do you do this?… »
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