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« Good afternoon I have the following problem: I have a main page that contains an iFrame where that iFrame is placed all the other pages of the system, in a certain page that is i… »
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« v1.0 of the Open Source alpha360 core ERP is now available for download. It now includes WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations, in the same Project. You can download it from our websit… »
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« Hi, I want to print "LÖÄÖÖÄßÜSÜCHEN" to TM-T88IV receipt printer regards, Chandrahas… »
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« Greetings Gang... Does anyone know how to encrypt something in WX and then decrypt in another language (specifically Python, but I'll take what I can get at this point) - and vice… »
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« Greetings gang, Does anyone know how to send a message from a number in the pool of numbers (but using masking)? I can select number from pool I can send using a mask I cannot ma… »
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« Cette application ne peut pas etre lancee plusieurs fois. This application cannot be launched several times. I'm trying to avoid the above error. It happens when I exit my app, and… »
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« Hi, the table control has a build-in to filter columns. (right click on the magnifier and one can filter the columns based on equal to, greater than, etc. My customers frequently… »
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« When creating a New Project, when you get to the "Wizard for project creation", if you select "Component" are you creating an internal or external component?… »
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« i encountered a issue related to adding a pass to a db; i used a password generator to generate the pass; during Re generation of the analysis i give the password for the db after … »
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« Hi, I am using WINDEV to print receipt on custom paper roll. Currently, the receipt printer will auto-cut once it reached the pre-fix paper length and continue to print the secon… »
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