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« Hello, I have a Stored Procedure defined like below. Is it possible to call (with SQLExec) such a SP AND return output parameters to WinDev? Best regards Raimund Schuldhaus CRE… »
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« This message concerns the use of ShellExecute() with an Excel document. ShellExecute("c:\my documents\file.xls") may generate error messages if Excel is not already open. In this… »
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« Can some one give mi a hint on how to make HFilter's second option Hfilter with a condition. nMes is int nAno is int nMes = 2 nAno = 2001 HFilter( "RECETAS" , "RECETAS.REMES = '… »
Débuté le 23 juin. 2001 par
« Hello, If I have the Windev dongle attached and behind that a printer (Okipage 14ex on LPT1) then the printer only print nice empty pages. (not only from Windev but also from Word… »
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« Hi, I try to create a small class to set the ..brushcolor (..couleurfond) property for some controltypes, who will get the focus, in the complete project The problem is that it l… »
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« An invitation to anyone who cares to attend a meeting of Windev developers in Australia in Melbourne, July 1. Time and venue to be announced. Gill… »
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« Are there any good reasons why one should not change a child record's parent by substituting CLEUNIKs that exist already?… »
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« Is it possible, to use the ENTER-Key (instead the TAB-Key) to move from field to field ? The old DOS-Users are used to the ENTER-Key for moving and it is not easy, to convert the u… »
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« I am new and think of using WinDev? Is there an easy Construct to make an Query by Example with all fields of the Window is used. In Informix 4GL, the was an easy "CONSTRUCT", wh… »
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« Hi, In a REPORT I print a control with a FRAME (Left); the TEXT in the control is Left-Aligned. There is (hardly) no space between the TEXT and the FRAME(Left). Is there a way to… »
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