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« Hi all, i want to not display the Report-Progress window. How to do this? thanks meikl… »
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« Hello, Im in the process of developing some software part of which it needs to control a gate by means of an IP relay, there's hundreds on the market just wondering if anyone has … »
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« Dear all, I studied the trigger example but I can't make cholate of it. I want to 'prime' (fill fields with preset data) when opening a window for inserting a new record. I could u… »
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« Hi all, as Title thanks meikl… »
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« Hi, does anybody have any experience with capturing a signature at selling stage? Any help re hardware etc much appreciated. windev 19 and ideally windev mob 18 Thaks Noel… »
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« I' am new to windev coming from Clarion 1-10. i want to create a very simple app that just contains one form that accepts 4 entry and stores the data in a local file and then re-o… »
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« Hi All, I want to create an offline app to scan workorders (orderid, date, resource etc) ans store it into a local file. When internet or network connectivity is available , the s… »
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« After one scan of one webdev application we encounter the following problem: If we copy the URL of one dynamic page send it by emails to another PC and use it the other user can se… »
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« Hi, Has anyone used Windev to interface to Tensorflow? https://www.tensorflow.org/api_docs/ regards Tony… »
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« Hi, i am trying to create reports based on a form. Some fields i can fill with data automatically, but most fields the user has to fill manually. The original form has about 30 pa… »
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