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« Hello I have over 120 excel files to protect with the same password. These files are created with WD, reading each record (one for every excel file) from a customer file and becaus… »
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« Hello, I have 2 planning in one window, and I want to sincronize the 2 scroolls bars, In the first planning in the event of horizantal scrollbar I put this hwndbarh is int = Call… »
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« My name is João Ricardo and I live in Brazil. Working in the company Psal, Primo Systems Applications Ltda. We use the Windev about 4 years and so far we have managed to develop ou… »
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« Hi all, has anyone done a winDEV Project using XAML? i get only the sample which is shown in the helpfile to run, but no other control, like ComboBox or CheckBox (only the placeh… »
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« Hi, Today I manage to print to epson TM-T88iii through serial port using serial server http://www.atop.com.tw/atop/product/product_detail/data/atop_iapl/en/serial_device_servers_e… »
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« Hi all, i noticed that the wordprocessing control gets very slow on writing, if the text extends one and a half page. Even disabluing the spell-checking did not help. on virtual … »
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« I try to make a program that popup window information when user scan barcode . The problem is that program maybe not have focus at this time . So i make a procedure running on time… »
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« Scenario: ====== 1. HFSQL Client/Server database : DB1 and DB2 2. Table A in ANALYSE1 (DB1) have the same description and name of table A in ANALYSE2 (DB2) Question ====== How c… »
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« ciao! scrivo da Ferrara e sono alla ricerca di utilizzatori di Win/Web Dev per scambio di opinioni… »
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« I have a farly big application, developed in Fujitsu PowerCOBOL with dozens of windows, and also a considerable number of reports developed in CrystalReports. It's my aim, and grad… »
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