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« its just beautiful how easy I can import and use my old native ACCESS-2003 DB into Tables, sort and filter ..... but DATETIME Field exports only the DATE-Part if I update it or cr… »
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« Good morning folks, I would like to know if there was anyway I could execute my own piece of code after say deleting a filter I had previously set on a table column using he AAF m… »
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« Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with missing PCSOFT supplied templates .png files after upgrading? e.g. the AquaBlue template is missing AquaBlue_BG_Menu… »
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« A real weird one here. If I go "STEP by STEP" through my code it branches to the "ELSE" clause correctly. If I run the code normally via "Debug project" it never hits "ELSE". It ju… »
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« When I step through the code it branches to the "ELSE" clause correctly. When I run it as "Debug project" the "IF" statement is processed but not the "ELSE" as I am expecting. Some… »
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« Hi I need to instantiate an API in windev. I am having problems because when I try to use some functions or classes of this API I have a negative return in windev saying that the … »
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« Hi, I'm facing a strange problem, I work with WinDev 26 and WinDev Mobile 27 64 bit, everything ok, but I have some older projects, that I don't want to touch with WinDev 26, so I… »
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« if I use a table control connected to a table of my ACCESS 2003 Database via nativ connector: "in memory" its always incomplete, missing about 100 records at the end of the DB-tab… »
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« how can I put text at the end of the HTML-Edit control? I have some HTML-Formated long Signature that i want to programmatically put after/behind the Email-Text that I was clicking… »
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« I have recently retrieved a WinDev24 project from an old computer and I am trying to build it on my new PC. I can build and run it using the "GO" button on WinDev but when I try t… »
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