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« I don't think this is possible, but I figured it's worth a try. Does anyone know if you can modify a combo's drop down width via code? (The width option in the details tab of the … »
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« Good morning, I'm having some trouble trying to prevent users from going back to the software after logging out, I've tried using some code in the Synchronization of PAGE_ but it d… »
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« Hello, I have an AWP page inside a Dynamic Webdev Site. The page works with the following URL https://mysite/TEST_WEB/NL/AWP/MY-Page.awp… But I want to shorten this URL so I have… »
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« Hi, I am on WB 22 and for the website I use 2 different deployments profiles that result in a TEST and LIVE version. On IIS these are also 2 different virtual directories so I als… »
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« Hi Forum, I have one question regarding push notifications: Is it possible to send a push notification to iOS and Android without showing the notofication in the Status bar? Wha… »
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« Hi, our security manager ask me which encryption algorithm windev use between clients and server. I use the option “fast”, but I don´t know which algo is that. Can anybody help me… »
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« Hello All, At this moment I am busy developing an automated backup program for my customers. Till now only the creation of the full backup is accomplished, restoring is still fail… »
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« HI All, Sorry for the poor post title but not sure how to title it. Here is the question: Using WebDev 21 n Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 I have a website which I developed as ww… »
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« Hello to you all, My setup editors (WD20, WD21,WD22) all take minutes to load tthe settings of a setup. When I see the files etc. then I have to select the right setup and wait an… »
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« Hello all, In my application i use a login to a webshop, the webshop opens in a html controle. Then the user can put items in the shopping cart, and with a httprequest you can put… »
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