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« Greetings, I am trying to store a large byte array (13k or more) in a HF binary memo field. Since this data is only in memory, I can't use HLinkMemo. I have tried various methods a… »
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« Hi, I am getting the below error intermittently when running my program inside a VPN. However the reason for the delay is not clear as other programs are not having errors while c… »
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« Apologies if this was covered before. When integrating with outlook, is it possible to choose which calendar to use as currently it seems to just take the default calendar associat… »
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« Has anyone had display issues running their application on a Macbook Pro running Windows 10? The scaling and anchoring is out of whack. Image controls that are arrows are showing … »
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« Is it possible to use the schedule control in an environment where multiple organizations are found, each with their own resources, clients, locations and tasks? I have tried to d… »
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« How do I know which tab number is selected in a dynamic tab control. That's how I set the control (TAB_Areas is the name of the tab control): TabAlias is string //tab alias is th… »
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« Hello, I am working on a DB2 / 400 BASE and I use BLOB / CLOB. I wanted to know if anyone managed to insert text into a CLOB column. I specify that I use Easycom to communicate n… »
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« I'm using WinDev to process lab testing data, delivered by a Siemens PLC (300 series) over TCP. I do not use the OPC server software of Siemens, but I use direct communication betw… »
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« We ave been experiencing occasional crashes which cause our application to lock solid, it cannot even be killed from task manager (Windows 10). This is in itself a major issue, but… »
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« Hi We have an inconsistent issue with warning dialog boxes not displaying correctly. The dialog always has the correct title and program icon, but the red cross icon is replaces w… »
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