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« Hello to you all, Is there anybody who has made a Windev-Yeastar (S-series) connection? Yeastar has a SQL database filled with caller-info etc. We could not get a connection witho… »
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« Is there a way to find out if a field exists in a record using indirection? Something like: if exist {pFilename + ".GUID"} ..... If can file if exists for files etc. but not a fi… »
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« Hi, I'm developing an app for both ios and android. It requires registration so the first window will be the registration when installed and then the normal startup from then on. … »
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« Hi, Anyone experience with android datalogic scanner and WM ? Any issue with it ? The scannng of barcode should be easy, right ? no need to use the datalogic lib and function ? … »
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« Hi, In the Android simulator, it is showing correctly after EDT_TXT = HTMLToText(HTTPGetResult(httpResult)) But when running in android device, it's showing as chinese chars.. I… »
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« Hi everybody, I need some help from some API rest gurus. I cannot figure out yet how to get a Response in JSON format. This is my code now: oRequest is httpRequest oResponse is h… »
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« Hi All Any ideas why an infinite timer on a procedure will cease working? I now have a trace written to a file each time the procedure opens. The trace shows that the procedure is… »
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« HI, I have created a couple of windows services (windows 2012R2). Most of the time they do nothing, but the memory consumption growths over the time from 3 MB to 100 MB after 3 ho… »
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« Hi All I have a timer on one procedure that is set to trigger say every 10 minutes. I need to add another one that will trigger say every two minutes. Can these two procedures res… »
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« Hi All Sounds crazy but I have never had to use Trace before. Everything just seems to work. But now I am trying to establish why a procedure is no longer functioning - intermitte… »
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