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« Hi All How happy I was with Android Push Notifications until V22 when this FireBase stuff was introduced. I cannot get it to work. Questions: 1. Is there no way to use the old me… »
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« Fabrice, I reviewed your YouTube course on printing using iprint. Is your iPrint class C10Print available? Thanks Rob… »
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« Hi All When sending push notifications to Google and Apple from their server I get an error message. It would appear to be a blocked port issue. I have scoured the internet and ha… »
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« Hey forum Windev has a few barcodes, like MSI (just MSI code) I need MSI Plessey The scanners don't recognize my MSI barcode How can i solve this? TIA Jan… »
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« Greetings, Will you guys have any example of an application with an encrypted connection with Oracle database? That is, using CryptMethod. If so, which method is configured in Ora… »
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« Hi All I need to see which controls are on which plane. Is there a simple way to do this without checking each control? Cheers André… »
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« Hi all, lets have three developers, which works on three different projects. Each project have the same Analyses. Each Developer may modify the Analyses by the Development-Process… »
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« Hello! So I'm learning how to use windev and I'm trying to build an application for windows. If I have my GUI ready and want to show code, I only get to see the code of a certain… »
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« Hi, How can I find out if a button is called somewhere in the code of the window. regards… »
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« Hi All I am displaying some string content in an html control in iOS and Android. I need to make the contents of this string display with "line feeds". So I guess I need to change… »
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