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« Hi All Is there anyway to supress all error messages in a WD app? Cheers André… »
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« Say I have a data file with three items Name | Caption | Type | Size textlistID | Identifier of textlist | Automatic ID | 8 TextInEnglish | text | Text | 200 TextInNepali | Nepali… »
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« Hi Guys, hopefully you can help me, I have created a procedure in Objective C for iOS whereby i pass a string to the procedure and it replaces the ' character with a blank space. … »
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« I have an app developed for Windows Phone. I have overcome most of the restrictions but I have 2 major headaches which are related. 1. There is no FTP command in W10 2. I use Rep… »
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« Hello to you all, There is a new W22 update available.… »
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« I'm implementing a dashboard for our product. I need configurations for nearly each widget. And widgets may exist several times in the dashboard. I have implemented a very simple … »
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« Hi, in the report, there is [PAGENUM]/[NBPAGES] How do we know the total page number of the report generated? Regards, PETER ZHOU… »
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« Hello Sir, Please find attached Error screen Capture. After Download and install of windev22 Express version given Error Message during installation "Then Window Version used on … »
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« Hi all, i use this code to send e-mail. SMTPTEST is EmailSMTPSession SMTPTEST.Name=user SMTPTEST.Password=password SMTPTEST.Port=587 SMTPTEST.ServerAddress="smtp.gmail.com" SMTPTE… »
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« Has anyone ever got an Event() with WM_MouseMove(512) to work correctly? I use the following code on a simple window with only a few controls. The trace hits constantly as long as … »
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