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« Greetings, I am using BuildBrowsingTable to display content of selected query. After BuildBrowsingTable function fills the table with content of the query, how can I display Total… »
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« Another weird crash of an iOS app, it crashes when positioned in an EDT_ control and clicking the back button of the window, no coding in any of those controls. :/… »
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« I finally finished my conversion (from xBase++) of the Scheduler for the Boat Line and now I'm moving on to converting another scheduling program for a Moving company. This time I … »
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« Good afternoon, I'm having a very weird issue with an iOS app, there's a sliding internal window which we use as a menu, everything works fine except when clicking a blank zone bel… »
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« Al wrote in 2012: "The other thing I have found with the For All syntax is that it doesn't always work if the action you take inside the loop writes to the file being scanned, so i… »
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« Hi is this yet an other update ?? I saw it on the windev.com download site on the webdev section ? regards Allard… »
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« Hi everyone, i have a set of automatic replication configured between HFSQL Servers, but one of them has stop working. This is the message error that appear in my subscriber server… »
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« Good day to everyone. I need to send notification to the user when the application is not running in foreground to alert about activity in the application, I would like to do it a… »
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« I have enough with the bugs in WM22 . it generate unusable app i tried to upgrade my android app from wm21 to wm22 (update1) . no error in upgrade but program keep crash. few pro… »
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« UPDATE Test sSQ1L IS string sSQL2 IS string sSQ1L = EDT_NoName1 //Replace string sSQL2 = EDT_NoName2 // Find string SET mame= sSQL1 WHERE Test.mame = sSQL2 How can i link the edit … »
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