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« I am working on an app that contains forms and loopers. The general flow is that when you fill out a form, you can view it in a looper. When you select a form that was already fill… »
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« I'm running the latest version of Windev 23 and creating a 64-bit windows program. The program's exe works fine but I can't create an auto-update install. I've tried many times, I'… »
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« Hi, I use tabletoexcel to export a large table to excel. I use WD14 and it takes a long time to export all rows in one excel file. If I split it in 20.000-row pieces the process r… »
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« Hello, I am trying to hash the passwords using: sPassword is string = "MiContraseña" sClave is string = HashString(HA_SHA_256, sPassword) tmp is string FOR i=1 _TO_ Length(sClave… »
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« G'day All Is anyone running branches in the SCM ? I have a project running under SCM but when I try and create a branch I get a message: scm:\Windev Projects\ProjectName is not … »
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« Hello, When I am adding an Internal Window to Dynamic Tab it comes up as expected but when the IW is bigger than the size of Dynamic Tab some of the controls get cut from right an… »
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« Hello, I'm fresh user in Windev . I'm begining my adventure with this tool I have a data in excel file and I need to import it to HyperFile . I have already found a function to i… »
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« Hi all, I am little :mad: frustrated in using WB22. Starting the environment uses about 150mb of memory. I have a simple project consisting of about 5 pages. After changing the la… »
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« I'm trying to communicate with a Ingenico Eftpos machine. I'm having trouble getting the checksum of a string of hex charaters Below works // String to write into the port String… »
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« Hi, Usually I have shortcut Ctr + / to comment lines (one or many selected) in code editor. I installed windev on laptop with qwerty keyboard but I don't have numerical key panel … »
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