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« the fFind function claims to locate a string within a file opened by fOpen. I have a simple text file with CR terminated lines and containing a substring 'Chapter 1". Using the fil… »
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« ciao! scrivo da Ferrara e sono alla ricerca di utilizzatori di Win/Web Dev per scambio di opinioni… »
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« Hello everyone, I just installed version 26. I am new to both Windev and Postgresql. I downloaded the native driver but keep getting errors when trying to import my Postgres DB in… »
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« Hi All I have developed a business application with 14 Modules it is a large application I am prepared to share it with fellow WinDev 21 Developers or Earlier versions It has ,Acco… »
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« Hi, This sounds like a basic thing, but can't find a way to autorepeat an mp4 video playing in a multimedia control. Is there any way to get this working? Many thanks in advance!… »
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« Hi, there is how to I get token form maventa in Finland: INTERNAL PROCEDURE MaventaAuth() sJson.client_id = sClientID sJson.client_secret = sClientPASS sJson.vendor_api_key = sVe… »
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« Following the instructions I realized that I need to generate a .net Assemmbly. I created a configuration and I'm going to ganarare a .net Assebly but the procedure gives me this e… »
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« Hi, Is there a way to autorepeat the playing of an mp4 file in a multimedia control? Many thanks for your help/ideas Peter… »
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« Hi I have a problem with this function on my compile show the following: I don't know why but it show that this version of the function it's not the new one, I search on the doc… »
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« Hi all, First of all, i'm new to Windev and i'm trying to find my way in it. I struggle on my first little problem. I'm making a little app with 9 buttons on it. They have to be … »
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