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« Hello all, My Dongles windev & Webdev connect to shared USB Hub and its working for a long time. But today onward both not working at all. ( its LED not working ) Any suggestion? … »
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« Hi All Slowly getting back into so WX programming - so excuse the dumb questions coming up. Here is the first one. How does one loop through a combo list? I need to read the link… »
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« Hi all, In table it's possible to rightclick the AAF menu appears with the option Print. When you do this for the first time you get an option op an automatic generated report. Th… »
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« Dear All, I'm trying to use ENTER key when user is browsing in a TABLE to launch a proc related to the current row in that table. I have created a button off window with shortcut… »
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« Hello all, Can I change the Datasource of a query-based table-control to another query of a same structure on runtime by programming ? say like TablechangeDatasource("Qry2") Thank… »
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« Hi, does anyone have any experience using RSYNC as a backup protocol? Especially in case of large MMO-files (50GB+). Is it capable to "delta" only the changed parts, thus reducing… »
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« Hi All Got it all wrong. Seen now that Planes are supported in WB22. The help says that you can enable the management of planes for a page or template or a variety of elements but… »
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« Hello All, When opening a project in windev mobile and you have a list of recent porjects how do you change the Icon that appears in that list? DW… »
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« Hi Just tried starting my first new project in WD23 and have had an Invalid vTable error twice now when trying to saving a new/modified file in the analysis. It seems to be at rand… »
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« Hi All [WB23 Dynamic Site] I have various template controls on a page. Is there a way to change the ZOrder of the controls, bring one above the others? Thanks… »
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