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« Hi, I'm using JSONToVariant to take a JSON payload and convert into an object and write the elements out to our database. Everything is working fine EXCEPT that and string variabl… »
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« Hi, I facing a situtation where HOpenConnection() does NOT return false even when there is no connection possible to the database. It look like some kind of cache problem or somet… »
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« I have imported a WinDev 21 Data Base into my app. Problem is it shows the French Input mask, it also shows the American Flag But still shows the French Flag How can I get rid of t… »
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« Hi, I received error from WINDEV saying 'Member' property not allowed on 'array' variable. Error code: 1102; Level: fatal error What i can do to fix it? Json :- [{"origin": fal… »
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« Hi... the generation of my application failed with this error: Failure creating the Android application named . Command Line: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\in\java.exe" "-… »
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« Hi, i have set 2 different windows for my android application, one for phone and one for tablet. Whene run on my mobile device the application open the phone window, always... som… »
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« Hi, everytime I deploy a site on my server this error occurs. How can i fix it? Thank you, Dann [attachment 2670 Immagine.png]… »
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« Hi all WinDev 21 I am trying to use the WinDev image selector I get all the Category's on the left, when I try to open the Image selector I tells me I have to Have a Internet Conne… »
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« I downloaded the Express Version. I did the sample app. I don't see an English user's guide anywhere. Now I am trying to define DDL for an HFSQL database to test cascade/restrict w… »
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« Hi, WM and httprequest with php scripts, do i need to know things like user agent, additional http header information before i can use httprequest properly to get the correct resu… »
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