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« Hi Im trying show images from a database in a image control but nothing is displayed. Its a php Project. Here is the code: HReadSeekFirst(Chamados,ChamadosID,LOOP_CHAMADOS) IF … »
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« Hello to all First, i apologize for this stupid question, but this is my situation: i have 5 buttons . At runtime, when the user push a button it must assume a RED Background col… »
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« Hi, I would like to open a window as a popup in an existing Window in Android. In the help i found the OpenPopup command but it's not implemented for android yet. I wanted to avoi… »
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« Before I look at re-inventing the wheel, has anyone done a project where they had to integrate with ActiveCampaign using their APIs???… »
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« is anyone able to show an example of how to connect to AWS using their HTTP methodologies?… »
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« Greetings all, We use Twilio to send out SMS messages and we have a call back URL that Twilio connects to on our server to tell us if the message was delivered and also to handle … »
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« Hi, I'm freelance Windev programmer, working with windev from 2000 You can contact me here : edjove@hotmail.com I'm working with WINDEV from version 7.5 Thanks for all.… »
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« Good day I use the automated procedure mechanism in Windev to run a process every 10 minutes. However, I am not sure if, once the process is started, it will finish within 10 minu… »
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« I am new in this technology. So, i have question, can we enter PHP in WebDev 21?… »
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« Hi, I'm trying to create a simple "hello world"-level WebService, but i'm having problems right at the deployment of it on the deployment machine (in which i've installed the 10-co… »
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