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« Hello all, i'm building a app with calling a webservice. i imported a wdsl file into windev 22. in a wdsl file you can define the sequence of lines. when i imported the wdsl the … »
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« I need to load data from a spreadsheet into a data table. I created a table in the Analysis that points to the spreadsheet and I created a query to preprocess (clean up) the data a… »
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« Hi Guys, We currently use .NET for our software that sits on Hand Held Terminals (WinCE). We have a little prog from Corelab (now Devart) which works very well. We are interested i… »
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« Hello, I have run into a need to either prevent a user from typing space character at the very beginning of Edit Control and as last character in Edit Control or code every Exit E… »
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« Hello, has anybody any experience integrating the TecDoc WEB Catalog in a Windev application ? http://www.tecdoc.de/en/home.html Steven Sitas… »
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« Hi, If I select an edit control and set a mask tekst . Then I can select a html5 cour picker. When clicked a popup displays with the html5 colour picker. So for ... Cool However … »
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« Date: January 04, 2018 01:14PM Whilst I've only been the Australian WinDev Distributor for a relatively short period in the overall scheme of things, I am now trying to create an … »
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« Hi, Jerome, from PCSoft, has posted this in our Skype chat about Windev: LST in English ! I heard this many times this days. If you want LST in english, I will need numbers of peo… »
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« Hi, Blockchain; Should this be a Issue for us as developers? In Holland this is hot and all kind of test projects are taking place. Should we spent time on this ? regards Allard… »
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« Hi I want to place a looper in a looper and I cannot seem to get that. Is it at all possible to do this in webdev ? I have a looper and add an other looper and place the looper o… »
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