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« Hi all does anyboby here is using Windev 23 with Sql server native Drive? the question is because . I am.. and there is a BUG when you try to delete a record when Integrity error s… »
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« Hi all, I had some extra time so I decided to check whether there are any new interesting samples installed with WX23. To my great surprice there are practically no examples, only… »
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« Hi, the automatic modification after changing the analysis was never a problem. Since WX22 I get every time a error. Only the restart of the database fix this issue: unable to ge… »
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« Hi All I want to put an image control on a window. The image can be larger than the window so I want the window to have scrollbars so that the user can scroll the image up/down an… »
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« Hi, I have the following constellation: I have a query result which is then modified with "hmodify". After that I run a query from this (modified) query. The results doesn´t incl… »
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« Quiero que estas columna de color no se muevan, si corro a la derecha, uds saben que comando debo usar, para que se bloqueen Ayuda por favor … »
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« Hi, I;m using drag and drop in my application to let the user drag a file from the explorer into a window. And then import the file and attach it to a customer. Works great, I'm a… »
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« Hello, I am interested in knowing whether the latest version of WX support accessing NoSQL database like for example MongoDB for example. I am asking this because I have a need t… »
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« I currently develop both windev and webdev (from a common separate project model). I am about to start a number of upgrades and new modules for the webdev project - and I'm not su… »
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« Where to find this ? or How to create ?… »
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