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Procedure timer running even if the Android app is minimized
Débuté par Rogelio, 19 avr. 2018 07:05 - 1 réponse
Posté le 19 avril 2018 - 07:05
Hello there, i am building and android app and i have made a procedure that after is loaded will execute all the time after a define number of minutes. The procedure runs fine as long as the app is open and is active on the screen. but if you open another app so my app gose into the background then the procedure does not execute.

How can i ensure that this precedure executes even is the application is on the background ?

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Posté le 09 mai 2018 - 14:32
Hi. When an application goes into the background, its Activity stops. To continue running code you must create a Persistent Thread and put your code inside it. see the help.