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Map control and Google Maps caching
Débuté par Roman, 18 mai 2018 10:25 - Aucune réponse
Posté le 18 mai 2018 - 10:25
Hello everyone!
I develop a mobile application created in Windows Mile 21 for some agriculture firms. My application contains a window with Map control to create itineraries around agriculture fields , to measure squares of fields ets..
The problem is next...Someboy of users have mobile devices without SIM-card and they have no any access to mobile Internet (only WIFI) or quality of Internet connection is very bad and the sitiuation described below happens very often..

User want create a field contour using my application but on arriving to the field he sees a white screen instead of Google map in map control.If the Map was opened previously ( having an Internet connection) - there is no any problem..In that case
GOOGLE map layers automatically cached in mobile device. But if user forgot open Map( while having an internet connection) -he sees a white map on the screen...
The idea to work around this bug is to create procedure allowing user to load and cache all layers of Google maps in advance( for example 1 km around of field) while having internet connection and go to the field to do their work
But I have no any idea how to do it in Map control..
I accept all suggestions!