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[WM20] Get ID for iOS
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Hi my fellows developers

This is a way to get the ID for an iOS device because the PCSoft doesn't provide a code for that, for some rules of Apple, I found the solution on the forum of PCSoft but on france so I post this on english then here's how

First Download this app on this link
NOTE: better get Windev Mobile 21 or 22 or Windev 21 or 22 if you don't have that then It´'s not gonna open

First you need to create a global procedure called whatever you want but you need to transform WL to ObjC and put this code:
#import "DeviceUID.h"
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
NSString* getUID() //This is the name of the procedure you can call it however you like or you could let it be like this
RETURN [DeviceUID uid];

Then on your project of WM when you need to know the ID of the device just call that procedure like this:
EDT_Text1 = getUID()

I use and EDT_Text1 just to show the ID of the device, and that's it, next the last part,

when you create the project on Xcode you need to do this:

on the project you download there you have some important files called:

IMPORTANT: Those files you need to import it on the executable of the app on Windev mobile.

SUPER IMPORTANT: After you import those files you need to add this "Security.framework" if you do not put this it's not gonna work.

with all of this done NOW you can get and ID for iOS devices SWEET!


PD: I hope the link of the file it's not broke... I hope so...
Any question please ask!

Best Regards
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Posté le 23 mai 2018 - 18:40
Hi everyone

Heres some ScreenShots of how to put the "Security.framework"

Best regards
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Hi everyone

Heres is where you need to click to download the file:

Best regards