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SQLite accesing Data Android Application WM22
Débuté par Rogelio, 07 oct. 2018 22:39 - Aucune réponse
Posté le 07 octobre 2018 - 22:39
Hello there, i am wondering if someone has ever encounter the same issues i have. i have created a Android App in WM22 and i will like to use an SQLite database, because in this way i dont require the 64BIT framework that will be required if i did use the HFSQL Engine. I am able to create the connection and the analisys, when i right click on the analysis data file and i select "EDIT THE DATA FILE WITH WDMAP", i also can see the table and the data properly. i can also use the "HOpenConnection" function on the code and i get a succesful connection to the database.... but when i try in code to use "HReadFirst" or "HRead" or any function that allows me to query data..... the results come out empty like if there was NO data on the database !! (this is using debugging and GO mode).

Is driving me crazy because how can the WDMAP utility see the data, the conecction open properly and with the HXXX functions nothing.

Any ideas ? anyone has encountered this problem before ? i will really appreciate any help on this matter