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[WM23] Using LisSelectPlus
Débuté par ARV, 27 nov. 2018 17:33 - 1 réponse
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Posté le 27 novembre 2018 - 17:33
Hi all

I have a question about this look:

I have a Looper with 2 comboboxes.
I save the selection on my DB

when I open again the window I want to show the selection of the user on the looper but I can't
on the displaying row of the looper I put this function, I even put like

Position is int = ListSeek(Loop_Test[Loop_Test].Combo_Test,+...

ListSelectPlus(Loop_Test[Loop_Test].Combo_Test,Position )

and it doesn't work I get the position of the combobox to just selected it but it doesn't select what I want

if I test this without a looper and only a simple combobox with a button having this (about listseek and lisselectplus) it work great.

I'm doing something wrong?

Best Regards
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Posté le 27 novembre 2018 - 20:48
Finally solve it!!

I have to do this on the displaying row of the looper event!:

nPositionCombo1 is int = ListSeek(Loop_Test[Loop_Test].COMBO_Test1,+...

nPositionCombo2 is int = ListSeek(Loop_Test[Loop_Test].COMBO_Test2,+...

Loop_Test[Loop_Test].COMBO_Test1 = nPositionCombo1
Loop_Test[Loop_Test].COMBO_Test2 = nPositionCombo2

Really work!!! on windev 23!

also the way I put info on my looper it was with a query but this query I use it on a for and use the function
LooperAddLine() to add the data to my looper just an extra I don't put it on the first comment

Good luck everyone!

Best Regards
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