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« Hello, Version 24 "Update 2" is available (240077F). You will find the download link here : https://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >>PC SOFT… »
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« Hi, I have a question about this. * Anyone know how to solve the problem of notifications in iOS 13? * In previous version of IOS 13 that received notification and in the update to… »
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« Se référant à l'article ci-dessous https://help.windev.com/en-US/… J'ai essayé d'appeler un code Wlangage depuis Objective-C. Le seul problème est que mon code Objective-C n'est pa… »
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« Referring to the article below https://help.windev.com/en-US/… I tried to call a Wlanguage code from Objective-C. Only concern is my Objective-C code is not a global procedure. Ho… »
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« Procedure Capitalize(LOCAL Texto) ChangeCharset(charsetOccidental) // SEM ACENTO IF Texto <> Null AND Texto <> "" Texto = NoAccent(Texto) Texto = Lower(Texto) Texto… »
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« Heya everyone. Quick question here. In my WinDev Mobile app for Windows CE, I'm trying to call a window that returns a value as a parameter. sResult = OpenChild(WIN_RadioQuestion… »
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« Hello all, I have two excel files that I need to add to a database with each excels fulfilling a certain role; Excel A: To create a new datafile where the top columns be the data … »
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« Hi all I have an issue with this icon of the window, when I have an internal window on my window and this internal window it's a sliding window the icon of my action bar will be t… »
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« I am trying to make a window where there are multiple segments that can expand and collapse, like lets say I have segments A, B, C, and D, if the user presses C, segments A, B and … »
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« We have encounter a problem on writing a unicode arabic to a text file. . We have a arabic text saved on a hfsql database with a unicode datatype field then after reading the recor… »
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