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« Has anyone else noticed a problem with the simulator switching layouts between window changes? I start off with an iPhone layout for example and then I go to the next window and I… »
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« Hello all I would like to design a USSD application using Windev (or webdev or windev mobile) - absolutely no idea as to where to start. The application needs to collect some demo… »
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« Hello everybody. I am still new to WINDEV Mobile (21) and I am in need of your help. I need to upload an image file to the database using a web service call. So, what I did is: I l… »
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« Hello, I am trying to call a MS Navision SOAP webservice using WM21. I was able to import the webservice into a project and define the variables. v1 is Read v2 is Read_Result v1.N… »
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« Can anyone tell me how I might be able to fix the following error as it has appeared when I try to open a window created in this version and has a weeks worth of work that I can no… »
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« Procedure WS_RemoveCaracteresRota(LOCALXmlResultado) XmlResultado=Capitalize(WS_RemoveAcentos(XmlResultado)) XmlResultado=Replace(XmlResultado,"Matriz,","") XmlResultado=Replace… »
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« Procedure WS_CEP_Rota(LOCAL Origem, LOCAL Destino, LOCAL DebugSN) //Origem ="dr goulin 1699 curitiba PR" //Destino = "jose lopacinsk 500 curitiba PR" IF GloDebugSN = "S" THEN Deb… »
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« Hi all I have a mobile app created in WM21 (Android). It uses a db and I am able to create and update records in the app. My question is where exactly does the HyperfileSQL DB res… »
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« When I populate a looper the data is not appearing until the rows are taken beyond the screen and then the information appears. I tried to refresh this by programming but that didn… »
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