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« We are trying to connect to one of our hardware units with a tablet or phone. We have been doing it with WinDev for years via a computer. It has worked fine over the years. Using t… »
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« I'm developing a Windev Mobile app for a new mobile RFID scanner. I copied the JAVA source code, .JAR and .SO file from the manufacturer SDK and included them in my app. I was able… »
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« Hello, has anyone implemented in an application the consent form to show advertising to the user? I have followed the steps indicated by Google to implement it in Android and the a… »
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« Hi all I have a question about this on windev mobile 23 there's an option that let me replicated my data base from my project to my server I really want this to make it work but … »
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« Hi all I have a question about this look: I have a Looper with 2 comboboxes. I save the selection on my DB when I open again the window I want to show the selection of the user … »
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« Hello Everyone, 1.I installed the WebserviceParameter application server as required 2. I created a WebserviceParameter and tested successfully. 3. I deployed it to the server succ… »
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« Hi all, I have an android app that reads, deletes and sends sms. This was working fine until I moved the app to a device with Android 8.0. Previous phone was on Android 6.0.1 an… »
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« Hi I have a window for a login right now, I have a code that when I determinate a user can auto login I open my next window but this window show the keyboard for unknow reason. I… »
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« Due to the new requirements for sms in Android 8, how can this permission be toggled inside the app, without going into the app settings. I have been able to get my sms app workin… »
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« HI I was wondering is it possible to use the lightsensor(smartphone)(normaly used to measure the light and dim the screen acordingly) and return the value so it can be used as a t… »
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