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« Hello, I am looking for some information about HFSQL. We have an app that was released in 2016 and had been functioning as designed. Since then, our developer has left and his mach… »
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« Hi, just moving forward to upload an application to apple store. The bellow message is returned on an email from apple after a succesfull upload. I have installed before the recom… »
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« Could anyone explain this to me? In the project description, the Language is set to English and because of a problem we had with our iOS version, we had to "hardcode" the date to "… »
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« Anyone have any idea how can I include into my project structure files that when i run the android all the end up in the assets directory of the application so i can access them pr… »
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« Hi everyone Like the title said I want to create a project to access another project Analysis that I create, is it that possible? thanks best regards.… »
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« Hi, I have an android app and I want know to also deployed to iOS. I have been trying to follow all steps and reading information but at the end I have one error at time to upload … »
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« Has anyone a idea if its possible to change the digest that is using windev mobile to sign the application ?, the reason for my question is that by default windev uses SHA-1 Digest… »
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« Hi, is there any way to get a return value (result) from OpenMobileWindow(...)? Thx Markus… »
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« please consider this portion of code, wrote to send ALL the files found in a folder to a FTP server. very easy. ther's a "debug" call to the "Info" function that shows the good (or… »
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« Hello I'm trying to communicate with an app via intents. The app is self made and in Android studio we've managed to get this code working: Intent myIntent = new Intent(); myInte… »
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