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« Hi, I'd like to know why WM allows invalid dates like the ones you can see in the attached image: https://www.screencast.com/t/QK72WVbxxupf The entry is a date field, input mask is… »
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« Hi I want to print an HTML document with my WindevMobile 21 (Android) app but I have a problem with the caracter ", I tried to write """" but it prints "". An example: fSaveText(… »
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« Failure creating the Android application named <C:\My Mobile Projects\DenyMarketApp\Exe\Android application\DenyMarketApp.apk>. Command Line: "C:\Users\aykut\AppData\Roamin… »
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« How to detect if the text file you are accessing/opening is ansi or unicode format?… »
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« Hello, I am currently using Windev Mobile 24 to build apps for both IOS and Android. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Google saying that we need to make our apps compatib… »
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« Hi, When i want to edit an Edit Control (write something), IOS keyboard pops up. But i can't see what i write. Any suggestion please? … »
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« Hi, I have created a looper. There is a button and a checkbox. Simply, Checkbox (any kind) does not return the selected row's index. ResSelect is int = Looper_Order_Products.Sele… »
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« Hello, I can connect and send email with WM 26. But i need an attached PDF file which is generated automaticly from a REPORT. How to do that? Imagine, you add products to Cart. W… »
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« Hello friends, xnum is int = FTPConnect("ftp://ftp.mydomain.com", "adminacc", "passw", 21 ) FTP Connect does work fine when i test it with Simulation (debug on iphone) When i … »
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« Hi all, i have a problem with window that include a InternalView. Internal View have many device layout but when i run the application, i can't see any of them but only the same la… »
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