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« Hi everyone My problem it's that I use the function Sockect Connect, but when I Connect or not on the IP I give I show an Info this info said some info to the user and then it fre… »
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« Hello folks I just installed Windev Mobile 24 and tried to rebuild my last Android App, but when Gradie starts I get this message Failure creating the Android application named .… »
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« We experience a lot of crashes in an Android app we created. These crashes can be reproduced with all Windev Mobile Android Apps. Even with the demo apps created by PCSoft which ca… »
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« Hi all I can't use ReturnToCapture(EDT_Text) On iOS, but is there another function I can use? Thanks! -- Best Regards ARV… »
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« Hi all I have a question, is it possible to the app I develope recieve a shared document, file, image and so on? or even the app appear on the menu of the share. something like: … »
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« Good Morning I need to know how can I play a song in mp3 format read through a url in windev mobile? thank you Carlos Lopes… »
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« Dear When I compile my day mobile application this error? ????? Failure creating the Android application named <C:\My Mobile Projects\AGEPJMOBILE\Exe\AGEPJMOBILE.apk>. … »
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« Hello, An app developed in WM got installed properly for the first time. Then I uninstalled it. Now when I try to install the app again I am getting the error: App not installed… »
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« All, In one app, I used a .pfd document on our website. This was great until the boss changed the entire website, and the link is now broken. Now I have to fix it in both Android … »
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« Hi all I have an issue with a device on android it's an alcatel model 8062, the version of the android it's 6.0 when I try tu use SysSerialNum() it returns nothing, I search thi… »
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