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« Hi I'm just curious about this, I have a Edit this edit it's for send a text but when I'm typing something all of my items go above the screen even the action bar and I don't want… »
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« Hi Like the title said, I need to know how many strings can be on a one line of the width, like for example EDT_Text = 356 pixels With that for said something on one line can be … »
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« I have an app that sends an sms to get status from a device. It works great when the text comes back from the device. But, if the device is off or doesn't respond, I would like it … »
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« Hi, Although when re-installing the application Android sends a message that all data will be lost, during this process data files are not deleted. On the mobile, it is required … »
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« Hi everyone I have a issue with one device I have, it's an alcatel Pixi 4 model 8062 when I create my apk windev copy and paste the apk and then install it BUT it keeps on this pr… »
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« Hi! I'm trying to implement an infinite looper with 2 or more columns. One way out, for Android was implemented but using "Displaying a row" process, witch is not available for iO… »
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« Hello there, there are no concrete examples in how to use Firebase or Google oAuth with windev to be able to have your application sign in using the Google account or Using Windev … »
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« Hi everyone I know that Google declared GCM deprecated, but it will be close on April 11 2019, so there's a way to acces to my projects on that plataform an create new ones or it … »
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« Hi, In Android device, not in simulator, when I create a new record, the values of Combo_fields are loaded with the first value from the options. I would like to have them empty. … »
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« In a (very simple) wireless network (with a Windows 10 PC as Server) there is a shared folder "C:\share Android" This folder is well visible using any "file-manager-app" is possi… »
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