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« Has anyone else noticed a problem with the simulator switching layouts between window changes? I start off with an iPhone layout for example and then I go to the next window and I… »
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« Hi. Can anyone explain how can I in windev mobile implement a Adroid application that works in "Kiosk mode". Thanks. Best regards, Sérgio Martins… »
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« Hi everyone, I'm implementing the Facebook Login in my app through the FB Functions of WinDev (OAuth 2 is not supported on Apple). When my user click on the login button, the FB f… »
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« This project used to be OK in that I have a version on the play store test site. However, current efforts to publish have generated a error but the only information that is really … »
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« Hi everyone, I see a lot of apps that allow to share their content through a lot of other apps (Whatsapp, Gmail, SMS, Copy text into clipboard ...). We are developing an app and we… »
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« Hi. I try to use BCCapture to read barcodes and everything works fine. Now I need to use the front camera to do the same. I try to find some parameter in windev mobile or some con… »
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« What Android SDK Version work's with Windev Mobile 20 ?? Thanks a lot…… »
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« Hi, Im trying to make a notifications in ios 10 but not working. Im using windev mobile 21 and my iphone 5s version is ios 10.3.2 Any help?… »
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« Hello from Italy and sorry for bad english I have a curious problem, and I hope that someone can give me some hints for a better use of WinDev Mobile I need to share some informa… »
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« hello from Italy and sorry for bad english as in the subject and in the picture I have a problem: my tab control has 7 panes with a classical selection zone on the left, but some … »
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