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« Hi all I have an edit with date time for my type of data but I want to show something like 1:00 p.m. and not 13:00, I change the mask for do that but it only put something like 1:… »
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« Hello there, there are no concrete examples in how to use Firebase or Google oAuth with windev to be able to have your application sign in using the Google account or Using Windev … »
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« I'm trying to modify the text displayed by the static found on the Break Header of my looper at a certain point. I'm trying to do like this, as the documentation explains. handle … »
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« We are trying to connect to one of our hardware units with a tablet or phone. We have been doing it with WinDev for years via a computer. It has worked fine over the years. Using t… »
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« I'm developing a Windev Mobile app for a new mobile RFID scanner. I copied the JAVA source code, .JAR and .SO file from the manufacturer SDK and included them in my app. I was able… »
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« Hello, has anyone implemented in an application the consent form to show advertising to the user? I have followed the steps indicated by Google to implement it in Android and the a… »
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« Hi all I have a question about this on windev mobile 23 there's an option that let me replicated my data base from my project to my server I really want this to make it work but … »
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« Hi all I have a question about this look: I have a Looper with 2 comboboxes. I save the selection on my DB when I open again the window I want to show the selection of the user … »
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« Hello Everyone, 1.I installed the WebserviceParameter application server as required 2. I created a WebserviceParameter and tested successfully. 3. I deployed it to the server succ… »
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« Hi all, I have an android app that reads, deletes and sends sms. This was working fine until I moved the app to a device with Android 8.0. Previous phone was on Android 6.0.1 an… »
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