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« Hi, when i try to use a function as "StringToDate" in WM Rel. 20, i get this error Error returned: src\com\mycompany\warehouse\wdgen\GWDFWIN_NewPall.java:162: error: cannot find s… »
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« Has anyone run into this problem? I have an Android application on which one screen has a table. I've tried setting the table to pull data from an array variable, or an HFSQL file.… »
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« Hello, with AlbumPicker only can be selected one photo, somebody knows how can i select more than one image using a command (not a own made window) ? Is it possible to access the … »
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« Hi I'm trying to use a local notification on android and iPhone I use a firebase and Apple respecting service. I have a function on the start of the app that recieve the push noti… »
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« Hi Like the title of the subject said, on my android Samsung Galaxy J2 pro, when I have my app runing if I press the button that show all of the apps running on that time and then… »
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« Hi I don't understand I have this: This is my table with an item of the type binary String now with that size my notification doesn't work but if I put on my size some exagerat… »
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« Hi, I would like to know how we can implement feature mentioned in WM-21 Feature list no. 468 ANIMATION ON SWIPE (HORIZONTAL FINGER MOTION) A Swipe lets you move from one form t… »
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« Hi everyone So I've encountered a problem with the layout for some iOS phones. The app is for both Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets. On Android everything is still workin… »
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« Hi This app was develop with WM20 from that time it was no problem updated the app, but now with the version of WM23 I can't updated manualy the app it's say that the app have dif… »
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« Hello, we have been having an issue since August with no solution in sight and I was hoping someone may have the answer here. We have been using WINDEV Mobile for quite some time … »
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