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« hi, i have a problem reading data from an external fic. My app use FTP to get a zip with data to update. When the app finished to transfer the zip, i extract all files in "import" … »
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« I have an app that works just fine, but I cannot get it back on the Play Store. It was originally thrown off for the READ_PHONE_STATE permission, which WinDev did resolve. Now whe… »
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« Hello there, i have a very weird problem, i have a database with some data that have spanish characters like the letter Ñ i am getting the data fine to the mobile app throug a webs… »
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« Hello there people, as you all know from August 2018 all android apps will have to target AT LEAST API level 26 to be able to upload to the google play store. the problem is that W… »
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« Due to the new requirements for sms in Android 8, how can this permission be toggled inside the app, without going into the app settings. I have been able to get my sms app workin… »
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« ok folks, I need your help, because this is too much for my shoulders I have this definition in the global declaration of the project gCombo_Clienti is SQL Query = [ SELECT DISTI… »
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« Hi all I have a question about the sockets. Is it possible that a socket could have a event? what I mean? Well just to know that on the socket theres something instead of having… »
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« Simulate keyboard on android Does anyone have or do some sort of keyboard emulation on android? Example: What would be the equivalence in Android the Ctrl + v the Ctrl + c and th… »
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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 24, WebDev 24 and WinDev Mobile 24 are now available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.… »
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« Hi all I have a question I know that on a part when I'm compiling my project to generate the apk I can integrate my tables into the project. I want to put a Classic HFSQL table o… »
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