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« Hello everyone I trying to use the MemoryToFile command on Android app, is working perfectly on debug, but it doesn't working in devices. Someone already was have this trouble?… »
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« Hi all, I'm attempting to Integrate Firebase into my windev mobile 22 android application. I have already managed to connect my app to firebase, create a user and log in using the … »
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« Silly question, that I can't seem to locate an answer to. I have a 3rd party java library (.jar file) from a vendor. How can I include this in a WM22 android application so that I… »
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« hi there, I am really frustrated, since I can not find much information or a tutorial or example in english or spanish of how to start a new project using databases with mysql, I … »
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« Hi, My apologies for having posted this twice. There was an issue with the last thread, and I guess the only way to correct it was to delete the whole thread. So I'm down to 2 da… »
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« Hi everyone I'm not sure how to create this project at all, I search on PcSoft documentation but I only think about SocketConnections, but search on the forums I read something ab… »
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« Does anyone know if it is possible to use third party components with webdev ? like for instance Telerik KENDO UI or telerik components for PHP ? https://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui … »
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« We have an app that currently uses a main window with multiple planes and an internal window menu (left sliding). We have the different options on the menu opening the associated p… »
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« Hello there people, as you all know from August 2018 all android apps will have to target AT LEAST API level 26 to be able to upload to the google play store. the problem is that W… »
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« I have three data files in my project. One no problem. The other two are filled after a text is received, so I cannot use the emulator. I don't get any errors, and they seem to wor… »
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