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« Hello to everybody in my current app I'm using the FTP connection to get a file. everything is fine with Android and iOS BUT for the Universal Windows 10 app the FTP function ar… »
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« hello to everybody as in the subject, what is the best way to tranfsert files (e.g. pictures captured with a Windev Mobile App) between platforms? thanks folks!… »
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« hello to everybody as in the subject, i'm developing an App with Windev Mobile but when I deploy it to the android device (an Asus ZenPad 3s) I can't reach, with the file manager,… »
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« Hello Like the title of the subject, I have problems with the GPS on Android. I execute the function GeoGetAddress but that function get the ubication wrong, it's always on USA i… »
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« I want to keep the display always on when: a) my windev program is running b) external power is connected Is there any way to do this (WIndev function)? br Markus… »
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« Hi Does anyone know how the syntax to either disable or trap the press of the android back button ? or is it my design, i have a multi-pane screen, i can navigate back a pane wi… »
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« Here is a code to create a PDF on android an also write something on it. //Here you create the PDF iDestination(iGenericPDF, CompleteDir(SysDirStorageCard()) + "document.pdf") //F… »
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« This has been working fine. I'm not aware that I've made any changes to my PC. Today I cannot generate an android application, I get the following error: Failure creating the And… »
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« Trying to publish a project for beta testing on the play store. Using the upload key from play store I converted the certificate .der into a .jks file using an adapted line from t… »
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« Hi I am using WM22 and generating the first Android-app. Struggling to get ii working. iOS works fine, but generation Android results in this error : compileReleaseJavaWithJavac … »
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