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« Does anyone knows what type of android apps does windev 22 / 23 generate ? are they 32Bit or are they 64Bit ?… »
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« Hi everyone I want to put an edit to a looper, but this edit I want it with Multilinetext my question here is that if I have 3 lines of text on that edit. How I cant increase the … »
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« Hi I'm using a SuperControl on it I have a MultiLineZone Dynamic, I want to position the supercontrol on the last row of the MultiLineZone, is it possible? I search functions on … »
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« Just running the tutorial trying to learn how to use WinDev23Mobile and I keep getting the error shown below. I am new to Android Studio/SDK and Gradle so don't have any ideas what… »
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« Hi I have a question it's about this: ScrollbarPosition(SC_SuperControl,sbVert,SC_SuperControl..UsefulHeight) I use this code just to position on the last row of my MultiLineZon… »
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« I know, I know, the Win 10 for Mobile (smartphone & tablet?) is abandoned by Microsoft… but I'm a romantic developer so my question is why… why… WHY the Camera Control is still no… »
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« Hi All! Please I need to understand why in documentation (also in 23) I see Caution: SpeechRecognitionTrigger requires an Internet connection therefore it cannot be used in off-li… »
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« Procedure WS_CEP_Rota(LOCAL Origem, LOCAL Destino, LOCAL DebugSN) //Origem ="dr goulin 1699 curitiba PR" //Destino = "jose lopacinsk 500 curitiba PR" IF GloDebugSN = "S" THEN Deb… »
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« Hi I'm just curious about this, I have a Edit this edit it's for send a text but when I'm typing something all of my items go above the screen even the action bar and I don't want… »
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« Hi Like the title said, I need to know how many strings can be on a one line of the width, like for example EDT_Text = 356 pixels With that for said something on one line can be … »
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