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« I use Windev mobile v 20. I'm accessing to the phone SD card folder from my PC (windows10) and put via USB a file that has to be read by my Android App. After reading the file my … »
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« I am rather new here in combination with Mobile 21 (WD MOB22 is ordered) and made a test-application. Opened the PROJ-file in Xcode 8.3.3 and later also in Xcode 9 Beta. Get the f… »
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« I need (if possible) a text control that allows the user to mark up / format the text. I've investigated the RTF property for the text control and it doesn't work on Android. Any s… »
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« I am trying to call an objective C function and save the resulting string. It is saying that the line calling the function has a fault but I cannot work out what it is. I am using … »
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« bonjour, j'essaie de lancer un backgroudservice en code java dans WINDEV Mobile 22. J'ai essaié tous les choses possible pour le lancer mais il n'y a rien que marche. Le code marc… »
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« Hello, Has anyone made an app in windev mobile for windows smartphone that can scan barcodes other then QR? We've tried to use external libraries (e.g. Zxing.net.mobile - dlls) i… »
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« The latest update (mobile 06A220063m) appears to have some stability issues. I am also seeing increased number of simulator errors. I wondered if anyone had seen this before and kn… »
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« Hello, I have build the following table structure in MySQL to store MobileID: -- -- Table structure for table `push_service` -- CREATE TABLE `push_service` ( `ps_id` int(11) NOT … »
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« Hi , I am using windev mobile 21. i got GCM messaging to work with and oracle xe database sending it to the mobile device, but for some reason some of the parameters in the json ar… »
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« I am adding email facilities to an app and although I have got emails read, and sent I can not find the code for listing the emails in a particular folder. Can anyone point me to t… »
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