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« sWebServiceRequest is LoginLogout sWebServiceResponse is LoginLogout_response sWebServiceRequest.username = EDT_User_ID sWebServiceRequest.password = EDT_Password sWebServiceReque… »
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« Hi all, someone can help me? i have to save on the mobile phone a pdf from an http url. I've tried with this: IF HTTPRequest(fileUrl) THEN fileBuffer = HTTPGetResult() IF fSaveBu… »
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« I have a project with multiple configurations and I have suddenly had an error appear when I try to generate the project. ********************************************** Error ru… »
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« Hello fellow programmers, I wrote a GPS application that stays running in the background (using Threadpersistent) to report the GPS coordinates every half an hour. Everything work… »
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« I have managed to get all of the required communications for the graph api to do most things but the large file upload I am struggling with this one. This is the example that I a… »
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« Hi guys, using ANDROID studio it is possible to configure, using the v7 support library, a LOLLIPOP style ActionBar even on those devices running KitKat or Jelly Bean. I was wonde… »
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« Hello, I have a problem and I do not know what to do if I can help. I have a looper where I show the products, a listbox where I want to show the different colors and their stock, … »
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« Hello, I'm developing an Android App and I need to Evaluate expressions dynamically, but the functions EvaluateExpression(), Compile(), Execute() and ExecuteCode aren't avaliable i… »
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« Hello, I want to change the font of a text in a HTML Control, I tried serveral ways that succeeed in the simulator and fail on a live android machine. For example: <HTML> &… »
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« Procedure WS_RemoveAcentos(LOCAL Texto ) ChangeCharset(charsetOccidental) // SEM ACENTO nTamanho is int = Length(Texto) Texto = Replace(Texto,CRLF,"") Texto = Replace(Texto,TAB,"… »
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