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« As you know, the "Allow Zoom" option allows the user to change the zoom by removing/tightening the fingers. My questions: 1. How do I get the zoom value? 2. How do I change the zoo… »
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« Hi my fellows developers This is a way to get the ID for an iOS device because the PCSoft doesn't provide a code for that, for some rules of Apple, I found the solution on the for… »
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« Hello there, i am building and android app and i have made a procedure that after is loaded will execute all the time after a define number of minutes. The procedure runs fine as l… »
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« Hi my fellows developers This is a question I have a lot of time, now I want to ask on the forum if this is possible on WM, I search on the help documentation of the PCSoft but I … »
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« Hello everyone! I develop a mobile application created in Windows Mile 21 for some agriculture firms. My application contains a window with Map control to create itineraries around… »
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« I have an issue with a query I want to know what I have con a Classic that the C/S doesn't have but when I execute my query theres an error on Android like this Error returned by… »
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« Hi everyone My problem it's that I use the function Sockect Connect, but when I Connect or not on the IP I give I show an Info this info said some info to the user and then it fre… »
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« Hi everyone I'm creating an app in which I'm using threads in the Android part in order to make the HTTP requests run smoothly. Certain values from the logon are remembered in glo… »
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« Hello guys i have a very curiose problem, i want to use an HTML control on a windev mobile application to display a map with a location pin on it. if i query or place any web addre… »
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« I finally managed to make an archive of my project in XCode 8.3.3. I got the dreaded "Error message: This action could not be completed. Try again (-22421)" Some Googling suggeste… »
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