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« Hi once a time before I create a thread like this, now I can record voice, but I don't know how to stop it, well I know but I don't have the event to do it like lef button up and … »
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« Hi I'm in a really problem right now, I want to get all the data from an app I develop the problem it's I can't update the app because the signature it's different from my previou… »
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« Hi This app was develop with WM20 from that time it was no problem updated the app, but now with the version of WM23 I can't updated manualy the app it's say that the app have dif… »
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« Hi, I am trying to generate a bar code and save it in a file (jpg, png, ..) from WinDev Mobile 22. For this I am using a very simple procedure in java that (importing the library … »
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« Hello everybody. I am still new to WINDEV Mobile (21) and I am in need of your help. I need to upload an image file to the database using a web service call. So, what I did is: I l… »
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« Hi I was wondering about to execute a stored Procedure but this are going to return a Data Source, when I try to read this data source WM said that this data source wasn't declare… »
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« hello folks I'm working on an App (now Android, but iOs will follow) where an image object must change the .PNG displayed depending on user choices and bla bla bla All works fine… »
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« Hello - we are experiencing an issue in our app where an alert window pops up and causes the app to freeze. It won't allow the user to tap OK or continue using the app. The concept… »
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« Hi I'm using this code: MySession..AppID = "<APP ID>" MySession..AppSecret = "<Key>" MySession..Permission = [fbInfoProfile, fbEmail] IF FBStartSession(MySession) THEN… »
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« Hi I'm using a Huawei mediapad T3 10 and it's said that his resolution its H=1280 and W = 800 on landscape but when I create my apk, installed and test, it doesn't match very well… »
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