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« Greetings to all, I have implemented MDM, all good, however the problem arises when from the phone it is about using the MDM or downloading the APP, it simply indicates that the pa… »
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« Dear Busy WXCoders, Good day, I am facing issues on Android Phone when issuing the Printing to file as generic PDF., it is giving wrong characters output such as "?????????????????… »
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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version "Update 1" (260101D) of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26, and WINDEV Mobile 26 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://wi… »
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« This topic shows how you can upgrade your old Exchange server to the latest version using the EdbMails Exchange Migration. This tool supports all the Exchange server versions like … »
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« Como empresa nos cambiamos a esta plataforma hace algunos meses, sin embargo, estamos muy arrepentidos.El soporte es malísimo y los tiempos de respuesta de implementación de servid… »
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« Is there a way to specify another language using SpeechRecognitionTrigger. It defaults to English. I need to have an option to use 2 languages in the speech recognition with a onsc… »
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« Hello I'm trying to communicate with an app via intents. The app is self made and in Android studio we've managed to get this code working: Intent myIntent = new Intent(); myInte… »
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« Hi, Ima newby, can anyone help me , can a windev mobile app for android make phone calls?… »
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« Hi everyone, I am trying to save a jpg photo into the folder Pictures on the external sdcard. OR in a specific folder if possible, SysRemovableExternalStorage(2) returns value 1 … »
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« hi, i have developed an android application using hfsql classic database but i can't find a way to perform a backup or a restoration to my database in android using my application … »
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