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« Hi all Look I have a project that recieve pushnotification, but on the settings before sending the push I send it wihout title and message just to have executed the procedure I ha… »
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« Hello I'm trying to communicate with an app via intents. The app is self made and in Android studio we've managed to get this code working: Intent myIntent = new Intent(); myInte… »
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« I'm an iOS develop who has recently inherited a Windev project that we've just had to upgrade to WDM23 for the new Android API26+ requirement. Currently I'm having an issue with a… »
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« Anyone knows why using ANY of the HTTP communication functions in Windev Mobile adds the whole 32BIT framework inside the APK ? i am on version 22 and i will like to find a way to … »
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« Hello there, i am wondering if someone has ever encounter the same issues i have. i have created a Android App in WM22 and i will like to use an SQLite database, because in this wa… »
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« Hi all I was wondering about this, look on WM20 it shows a fatal error to the user when the user decline the permission of the GPS function, this was ok but now on WM23 on a iPhon… »
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« Hi all I want to know what is the best crypt windev have for all plataforms I know that android have limitations but I don't know what properties use for my cryptstandard I use t… »
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« Hello there people, as you all know from August 2018 all android apps will have to target AT LEAST API level 26 to be able to upload to the google play store. the problem is that W… »
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« Hi all Look I have really problems with HFSQL Classic files. Theres an app that I create this app could be used offline for a really good reason, the user not always have an inter… »
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« Perhaps a very simple question but I just can't find a solution to decode a base64 string in windev on Android? (When using Uncrypt on Android, encodeBASE64 is ignored)… »
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