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« By following the instructions, found in Windev help system, I am am trying to copy a SQLite database from my PC to my Android phone: 1. I am registering the file to be copied: MYDA… »
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« Hi, can anyone please help I am using a looper control to display a query result that has a conditional (where) clause using one parameter (param1=productcode) When moving from a… »
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« Windev Mobile 16 - Android App .... I create a looper on a query and it works fine in the emulator but when I put it on my phone I get Error in Post-initialization of WIN_SearRes… »
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« Presumably iPhone support is through HTML5. It's a growing market and while like many developers, I don't like the restrictions that Apple enforce,I do want to develop apps for iPh… »
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« Hi all, Does anyone know of a property or method to permanently show the bottom menu on android device (phone)? At the moment, it only displays when the 'menu' button on phone is … »
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« title: Bank identification number (bin list) online database + Track 1 Generator url: http://www.binchecker.com keywords: buy dumps for sale track 1 2 generator bank bin list loo… »
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« Can anyone please help. Trying to do barcode capture/decode on android with camera. I have installed android SDK. example in help shows; bc is barcode bc = BCCapture() etc. When… »
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« Hi all, I am creating an application using windev mobile, I want to store some user entered data in excel sheet. But could not find any suitable functions for handling excel sheet… »
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« I thought that there are only PCL printers for Windows Mobile, so should be easy to print ... but I had to accept, that this is not true. Only Windev Mobile does only support PCL p… »
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« I am not able to receive the 0x00 on serial port. if i send a stream of data eg: 0xab 0xcd 0xdf 0xcb 0x00 0x56 0x87 etc.. this data stream i need to send in hex i.e. using a charac… »
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