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« I'm new to WinDev, so my apologies if this is a simple question. I've just written my first Android app, and everything runs fine using the Windev simulator. When I deploy the ap… »
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« Hi Looking to capture signature on Windows Mobile 6.0 device. Has anyone managed to acheive this? Thought it may be a Rich Text input box but cant seem to get it to work with styl… »
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« Hello, I am very frustrated, i have found NO good documentation out their about Windev mobile. I have had so many things that i have to piece from here and their. Their is a seri… »
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« Greetings - I am a "green as grass" WinDEV rookie, with many years of development experience, adding WinDEV.mobile to my bag-of-tricks to provide smart-phone functionality to appli… »
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« Hi all, Does anyone ever encountered a problem with integrating "Native Access for SQL Server" in a Windev Mobile application? Underneath a description of my problem. Hardware: S… »
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« I am developing an app in which I need to scans WiFi network and display the list of all connected devices. Allow a use to tap on a device and the app should show all the hardware… »
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« I am a "PURE ROOKIE" when it comes to WinDEV, with many years of software development background, and REALLY FRUSTRATED! working in WinDEV.mobile-17, for the Android.OS I need to p… »
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« Bonjour Comment faire pour positionner le curseur sur une ligne spécifique dans la zone répétée en ISO, dans le simulateur je n'ai pas de problème, il me suffit de faire ZoneRépété… »
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« Why i cannot use a windev component to make an android aplication using windev mobile 17, I can import the component but i cannot use because I get error and say the component cann… »
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« Why I can't use a component used in windev16 in windev mobile 17 in order to make an aplication for android. I get a message error, about the imported component. Thks for help… »
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