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« title: Bank identification number (bin list) online database + Track 1 Generator url: http://www.binchecker.com keywords: buy dumps for sale track 1 2 generator bank bin list loo… »
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« Can anyone please help. Trying to do barcode capture/decode on android with camera. I have installed android SDK. example in help shows; bc is barcode bc = BCCapture() etc. When… »
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« Hi all, I am creating an application using windev mobile, I want to store some user entered data in excel sheet. But could not find any suitable functions for handling excel sheet… »
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« I thought that there are only PCL printers for Windows Mobile, so should be easy to print ... but I had to accept, that this is not true. Only Windev Mobile does only support PCL p… »
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« I am not able to receive the 0x00 on serial port. if i send a stream of data eg: 0xab 0xcd 0xdf 0xcb 0x00 0x56 0x87 etc.. this data stream i need to send in hex i.e. using a charac… »
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« When trying to print gives me the following error "Echec lors du chargement de la DLL PCS" Hardware Honeywell 9700 Printer Zebra MZ320 BT Windows Mobile 6.5 Code Windev Mobile PR… »
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« hello all, I m trying to send some commands [sWrite(6, Charact(cmd[index]))]to a device on COM6. here "cmd" is an array of hex data. I am reading back the response from device (s… »
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« Greetings all, I am a PowerBuilder developer evaluating a transition to WinDev. I downloaded and installed WinDev Mobile Express 15 and have just gone through the concepts PDF. I … »
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« Greetings all, Reading through 555 new features, I see that WinDev supports Java? Would it possible then to create an application that would run on a BlackBerry? Thank you, Pau… »
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« Hi, I should create a WinDev Mobile 15 App for Windows Mobile (Android ?) that get data input from the customer. After all, this customer should sign on the screen (PocketPC or Sma… »
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