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Correção do Windev Mobile 25 ref ao PDFReaderOpen
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Publicado em janeiro, 06 2021 - 11:32 AM
Bom dia a todos

Acabou de sair outro pack de correção do Windev Mobile 25 referente ao pdf aberto por min e solicitado pelo Sr Francis Willis

Hi Adriano,

A fix is available for the incident #118673 regarding PDFReaderOpen causes an error (report) when placed on a plane.

Use this link to download the upgrade for WinDev Mobile 25 version interne 250090f:


This upgrade includes:

- \framework\android\wd250android.aar (6478.48 Ko) 25.0.341.9
- \framework\android\dep\depfmk.fic (610.04 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\depfmk.mmo (335.58 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\depfmk.ndx (2163.31 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\external.fic (1.96 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\external.mmo (0.21 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\external.ndx (2.60 Ko)
- \framework\android\dep\prg.dat (78.62 Ko)
- \framework\android\lib\wd250android_wdl.aar (138.21 Ko)
- \framework\android\lib\wd250gpu.aar (244.98 Ko)

Unzip it keeping the tree structure in the \Programs\ folder of WinDev Mobile 25.

After that recreate the APK application of the project, in order to deploy it again on the Android device or publish it in the Store.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Please use this reference when you contact me upon this matter again: #118673/539724.
If, in spite of the great care given to your request, you are not entirely satisfied with my response, just send a request containing the initial question, the response made and your comments. The Technical Support will be glad to provide more details regarding your request.

The Free Technical Support is entirely at your service.

Free Technical Support

Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 03 17 17
Mail : supportgratuit@pcsoft.fr
Site : www.windev.com

Adriano José Boller
Consultor e Representante Oficial da
PcSoft no Brasil
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