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Captcha does not work in AWP Page
Iniciado por Christoph, set., 14 2020 4:17 PM - Sem resposta
Publicado em setembro, 14 2020 - 4:17 PM
Greetings this is my first WebDev Project.
So I planned to make an Account System for my Project with registration and login.
To register I had planned you have to validate a captcha.
If you are using a Session Page it works completely fine, but if you switch to AWP Page it returns the wrong value.
Here is a picture of the Registration page as an AWP Page:

As you can see in the image the values of the RTA and the captcha are different though they should be the same.
Here is the same Page as a Session Page:

As you can see in the Session Page the values are the same.
Here is the on click code of the refresh button:
// RTA_NoName1 is the RTA next to the captcha control
RTA_NoName1..Value = CPTCH_Captcha..Value

the second line is also in the initialization of the RTA.
And here is the on click code of the submit button:
Captcha is boolean
Captcha = CaptchaVerify(CPTCH_Captcha, EDT_Confirm_Captcha)

IF Captcha = True THEN

I hope you can help me. Sorry for my bad english since it is not my first language.
Greetings from Bavaria in Germany.