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ControleClone bug?
Iniciado por Marc, jul., 19 2021 10:09 AM - 1 resposta
Publicado em julho, 19 2021 - 10:09 AM
In a webdev table after cloning 50 times my 'Master' column, it seems that the code is executed 50 times, once for each cloned column.
Does anyone have the same behavior?
In my 'whenever modified' of a cloned column (that executes the code of the master column) , Myself..name in server code returns at first the name of the first cloned column and cycles through all cloned columns.
Code is executed 50 times !!??

In WL code you get the correct alias.

The only thing to do is to build an associative array while constructing the table and keep the alias & column name here, and when executing a certain column, pass the wl alias, retrieve it in the server code and only execute when there is a match between the myself..name and the one in the associative array.

Does anyone has a better solution? Or am I the only one with this behavior???

If only PC Soft would put some more time in the table object. (fixed columns, possibility to have some rows read-only, .....)
Publicado em junho, 08 2022 - 10:01 PM
Well I'm glad that I'm not the only one with problems.
Yes i have the same problem

I'm trying to create a dynamic table that allows me to view and data file , with the field heading and associated data

and oh boy , what a nightmare. There are certainly some bugs.

P.S. do you know how to insert / add a json record into a table?