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Adding a complex shape to a diagram library
Iniciado por rob willis, mai., 07 2022 9:07 PM - 1 resposta
Publicado em maio, 07 2022 - 9:07 PM
Is there any documentation or code example to add a complex shape to a diagram library? PCSoft demonstrates a harbor with ship icons and electrical diagrams but no where is there a way to actually build/add those shapes to a library.
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Publicado em maio, 13 2022 - 7:25 PM
Maybe you figured this out already-
If you add your complex shape to a diagram and then do a DiagramSave(ALibraryName, "LibraryFileName.wddiag")
That "LibraryFileName.wdDiag" file is your library.

So if you have a diagram that you use as a library. - MyLibrary.wddiag
You can Create a diagram
DiagramLoadLibrary( your library)
Add it to a diagram
Create your complex shape
add it to the diagram
then save that diagram as your Library.
Your Complex Shape should now be part of your library.

Apparently, every wddiag diagram is, and can be loaded as, a library.

Hope this helps