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« I converted a project from WB26 to WB27 and some pages got really damaged by the conversion. Zones ended up with negative X / y coordinates. And worse the zone X / Y settings are g… »
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« Hi I do AngularDart development on Windows 10. I'm getting strange behavior with webdev recently. I have to run webdev like this: C:\Users\galankus>C:\tools\dart-sdk\bin\pub.b… »
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« Background: I have several Popup Pages. One of them is for adding/editing a "Funktion" (Function) and another is for adding/editing a "Verlauf" (progression step) I have a button w… »
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« Does anyone which version of WebDev started to support TLS 1.2 in EmailStartSMTPSession()? I've read multiple posts on the internet that WebDev uses WinInet and Schannel to make T… »
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« Hi Recently I have begun moving away from various services such as Google docs, discord etc for a few reasons (which would be off topic from the conversation) and have began moving… »
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« Hello, Since I am only starting to use Webdev (or any PC Soft solutrion for that matter), what would seem easy becomes hard. In this case I am using a Looper control to display th… »
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« Hello everyone, I've recently started working with Webdev and I've run into the following problem: In Windev there is a SearchAAF property that allows you to display the typical s… »
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« Hi All, I need to call another listening website via a Form post. WB provides HttpFormCreate, httpformSend etc and when executed give no errors. however, it does not open the new… »
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« Dear All, I tried upgrading to the latest WAS (01F260101d) but on completion, my sites stopped working. Trying to open WebDev Hosting Control Center, I get the following error me… »
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« Dear All, Recently for security reasons, my client upgraded her Db-Server TLS version to 1.2. And immediately all my WB apps could not access the data on MS-Sql 2017. After so muc… »
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