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Some reports not working
Iniciado por Manish Sawlapurkar, set., 30 2015 1:13 PM - Sem resposta
Publicado em setembro, 30 2015 - 1:13 PM
Dear Windev Developer,

I have been using windev since long... I started using windev from version 11 and now I am using version 18... Currently, I am observing one problem... some of my reports which were working earlier from last few months and I was using them regularly, somehow stopped working. I did no change in the code. Some reports are still working... The reports done give any error... they just done get previed or printed.... When I debug the report, it is found that the control just returns out of the report from the GLOBAL DECLARATIONS of the report and doesn't go ahread... The iInitrRportQuery and iPrintrRport functions dont give any error... The report is not printed and no error is given... please give me a solution if any...

thanks in advance