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WD18 Problems printing with Windows 10 Creators Update
Iniciado por Romão Leiria, abr., 19 2017 5:27 PM - 2 respostas
Publicado em abril, 19 2017 - 5:27 PM
Hi, currently I updated my windows 10 with the Windows Creators Update (version 10.0.15063), and the printing in programs developed with WinDev 18 stopped working. After I print a page, the left button of the mouse stops working completely, and if I try to print again (using keyboard) it crashes the program.

I'm printing using the following commands:

Has any one had the same problem? Is there any solution?
Publicado em abril, 19 2017 - 6:58 PM
Yes same problem with WD21. After creators update, when exiting from report preview, calling window is hung and not responsive. If the window is repositioned by dragging to another location on screen, window becomes responsive again.

During the time the window is unresponsive, there is a CPU spike on application.

It appears that that preview window is not closed correctly and is still running in the background.

Problem can be reproduced using Advance Reporting Example

Pick a report, --> Enter preview, --> Run a export to either pdf, excel, word --> Close Preview window.

Application will now be hung until window is repositioned. If the report button is selected prior to repositioning window, fatal application error in ntdll.dll
Publicado em março, 12 2018 - 7:10 AM
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