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[WD20] Weird error with NetStartServer() using an RPCServer
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Hi everyone.
I'm working on a little project that involves two programs. A server service, and a client program.
I want to be able to do a quick call to the server, to retrieve some data from one of the database files. So i'm trying to use NetStartServer to start up a RPC server.

If I do this using the PCSoft provided WDRemoteAccessServer program, it works fine after issuing the NetConnect() and HConnectREmoteAccess() functions.

However, since I'm already deploying a server service, i'd like to avoid doing two. So i'm issuing a NetStartServer() function from within the server service.

When I issue NetConnect() from the client, i get a good ConnectionID number returned.

However, once I issue HConnectRemoteAccess() I get the following error.
Unable to establish RPC connection: version of wd200hf64.dll library installed on client computer not compatible with version of wd200hf64.dll library installed on server.
wd200hf64.dll on client computer is more recent than wd200hf64.dll on server.
Update wd200hf64.dll on server.

Which doesn't make any sense as I've compared dlls, and they seem fine. The two programs are even compiled from the same machine.

Anyone have any clue what i'm doing wrong?