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How to with Linux
Iniciado por Peter Purton, set., 10 2019 7:41 AM - 4 respostas
Publicado em setembro, 10 2019 - 7:41 AM
Hi Every
Now In the next major change with Windows 10
They are going to include the LINUX kernel, I think they are a bit peeved off because they cannot make any money out of it
Now my adventures with Linux, I have installed Fedora 30 and UBUNTU Gnome each with there own 32 GB USB
No download RUFUS, it is free software, It will let you create a Linux Boot up USB
All you have to do, is point it to the ISO file, the rest is very straight forward.
Now some things you may have to do with your BIOS settings, do not be put off, about making changes in the Twilight Zone
To Enter BiOs I had to tap the Del key
That's why you have a restore to factory settings
Now it depends on your Bi-OS, in my bios I had to disable Secure Boot
And set Boot Mode to Legacy to enter select boot device I had to tap F11
I hope this may help some one
Publicado em setembro, 10 2019 - 2:31 PM
To clarify what you are saying: Is not that windows will change its own kernel for the linux kernel, they are just changing the WSL which its ONLY A COMPATIBILITY LAYER FOR LINUX COMMANDS that was running on a virtual machine. Now they will change that SUBSYSTEM for a real linux kernel to have better performance when the LINUX programs (mainly command programs) run on the platform (IS NOT THAT WINDOWS IS BECOMING LINUX). And Microsoft will keep charging for windows, not because they have improved a subsystem they will suddenly stop charging money for the product and they will open source windows .... By the way what has this post to do with Windev ?
Publicado em setembro, 11 2019 - 1:50 AM
What this post does, is to test WinDev on a Linux Platform with out causing to much drama

Publicado em setembro, 11 2019 - 11:34 PM
I will make sure my postings
Are only going to be related to WinDev

PJP j.p.
Publicado em setembro, 12 2019 - 5:05 PM
I understand your Point Peter. but testing the LINUX Windows development environment is the same as testing it in the Linux OS.... Why ? because they are NOT NATIVE APPS, they are JAVA applications that run inside the JAVA VM (Sandbox), ut would be another thing if they where native apps. If you are using just Windev and it resources to develop then you can be sure your Java Application Running on your windows development machine will definitely run properly in your Linux BOX, by the way to save resources and time you could do like i do, i use VMWare Workstation and have Virtual Machines with every flavor of LINUX and With MAC OS installed so i can make my tests, the advantages of using virtual machines to do what you are trying to do is that you can make restore points, to make sure your machine is clean..... install a piece of software and test it and then go back in time to the restore point again so you know you machine is clean again and you dont get suddenly unexpected results just because a component or setting was not cleaned up when you uninstalled the software you where testing. That will be my advice in regards of having a test environment, is much quicker and cleaner to work with virtual machines.