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« Hi guys, I just wonder what is the proper way to do something like this: I've got a Windows CE barcode scanner that saves some data to a local HFSQL table (lets call it SERNUM). … »
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« Once we deploy WINDEV on Azure VM , does WINDEV application support deployment options using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ? Please help… »
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« Bonjour à tous, Je bloque sur l'import (copie) d'un fichier par un PC d'un appareil ANDROID. Pour mon test, je crée un fichier text avec windev mobile dans le répertoire This PC\D… »
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« Summary: how to recover data from SD card? This article shows you how to use Android data recovery to recover all lost data (including songs), photos, videos and other lost files o… »
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« I have a Windev application built for Windows , running on Win2012 R2 , since the past 5 years. Can i take this above application and deploy in Linux (Ubuntu) OS directly. ? Pleas… »
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« Hello, I have the following doubt. I have an "image" field in a data file, which through a form I can add a photo (for example, a customer's photo). I do this with the following co… »
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« Hi all, suddenly, after years of perfect working, the replication system of the HFSQL Server start to have strange behavior. In the notification area of the HFSQL Control Center th… »
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« Just bought the WD18 MS SQL native access driver but I cant find a way to return the table of results, the stored procedure returns. I'm not trying to return a single parameter va… »
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« Can someone please be so kind as to explain the process of performing the native access to Postgres. Which DLL's are needed and where should they be located? Connection through ana… »
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« Hello everyone, i wanted to copy some records from one HFSQL-Classic data file into another. To do so, I used hcopyrecord and it worked fine until i noticed, that some pictures wh… »
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