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« Hi I need to do the below To retrieve an API Token  Make a POST request to https://api.borderexpress.com.au/token with a header of: "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencod… »
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« Hi all I am trying to use a Turn Page Effect I want to use it as a menu. the client picks Orders and they are taken to the Orders Menu, using a Turn Effect Please forgive my explan… »
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« Hi All, I am looking for someone to offer me some consultancy to get a function working for uploading an image into a MSSQL server database using SQLConnectWS and WDBinaryMemo. T… »
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« Hi everybody from Croatia I heard about the WinDev last year. I have been doing with another database tools and we created a lot of codes of our Business i.e ERP (Accounting, Plann… »
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« Bei einem unserer Kunden verabschiedet sich das von uns entwickelte Programm (WD23) beim Drucken ohne jeglichen Fehlerhinweis. Ich meine vor vielen Jahren dieses Problem schon einm… »
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« Hello Everyone, I am working on a magnetic card reader (by USB). It has usb-to-serial converter. But when I insert it to my computer, the device manager in Windows system only sh… »
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« Good nigth, when you join 2 tasks, the slack between them is eliminated (they are tasks followed by one another, there are no days between them). Do you know how you can add a 2 d… »
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« hi, Sorry I'm new to windev, I would like to understand how to refresh a table after filling a db, in practice I import the data without problems, but the table is shown empty unti… »
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« Good morning, I am new to windev, I am testing by connecting to Mysql, and an error is generated. The version used is 23. This is the code that i user. //////// ConnectionNum is … »
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« How to change BackgroundColor in EDIT Control in IOS. This is mycode. EDT_Search..BackgroundColor = RVB(255, 0, 0) BackgroundColor not change In Android no problem How to fix… »
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