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« I posted this subject earlier, but it did not go through Could someone tell me how to turn off the time manager that keeps on popping up And annoying the crap out of me Thanks Pete… »
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« Hi All, I have a table control and some values are zero. How can I not show anything in a table cell if the value is zero? I thought this was done by setting the column "Reset is … »
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« Using 21 Could someone let me know how to disable the Time Management Thanks in advance Peter… »
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« Hello I have over 120 excel files to protect with the same password. These files are created with WD, reading each record (one for every excel file) from a customer file and becaus… »
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« Hi, I have an application using a Microsoft Access Database. I create the Executable and copy the whole Exe Folder to another PC. I always get the error -------------------------… »
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« hello folks please consider this very small piece of code HImportXLS(Shoes_Tag, My_Excel_File, 1, "", hImpTestDuplicates+hImpIgnoreFirstLine) IF ErrorOccurred THEN Error(HErrorInf… »
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« Segue aqui: / Máscaras ER / function mascara(o,f){ v_obj=o v_fun=f setTimeout("execmascara()",1) } function execmascara(){ v_obj.value=v_fun(v_obj.value) } function mcep(v){ v=v.re… »
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« Hi I am having trouble with XML. I have imported and xsd file (All good) -<MainRoot> -<Consignment> <ConsignmentNumber>CPA3AY0080235</ConsignmentNumber> <… »
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« Hi all, does anybody knows how to fix this error messages from native access of oracle? or from where? i am trying to fix it but since 2days now i still cannot fix it....help pleas… »
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« Hi everibody, do someone has any idea about how look for, by programming, a hfsql server (mounted on a server that must have a dynamic IP)?… »
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