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« Hi have Project working fine in Windev vrs 20 using SQl server native Driver now we Update all the project to version 23 . Hi this simple project is a piece of the main project ju… »
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« Hello, I am looking for suggestions. I need web based Ad Hoc reporting tool for my WebDev 14 and HyperFile SQL C/S app. I need the potential customer to be able to build and save f… »
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« I've got a structure ... ST_AssemblyItem is Structure nId is int nParentId is int sName is string arrChildren is array of * ST_MyStructure END Now I'm trying to fill an array of … »
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« Hi all, I have an XML document that is read just fine by a Windev application. However the exact same XML generates an error 'Document not in XML format' when I try to read it fro… »
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« I'm just full of questions today. Okay, I am allowing my users to filter a table, and I have been successful in putting the word (Filtered) at the top of the table. BUT if I right … »
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« Hi! So, we have a context menu from 2013. I don't know what version of Windev it was created with -- maybe version 19. Anyway, we've gone from 19 to 21 and now to 24. Recently it… »
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« HELLO ! I would like to know if there someone in Israel that using Windev ? Please send me e-mail to: candidat@hotmail.co.il Thank you.… »
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« Hello all, I am attempting to move my database from my linux based cloud to my local server, however I found that none of the analysis links along with the foreign keys associated… »
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« hello folks as in the subject, I would like to give some infos to the users of a "photo browser" program I'm building with Windev 24 given a path of a folder wich contains jpeg p… »
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« I am using WD24. I am allowing the user to add/remove/move/sort columns in a table. My problem is that when I allow them to export to Excel, it doesn't use the same columns, etc. … »
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