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« Hello everyone, There is a mobile and a desktop-version of our Programm. The mobile devices can work in offline-mode. To synchronize the new data from mobile devices, we are using… »
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« Want to unprotect either your Excel Workbook or Excel Worksheet or both? Utilize the brilliant Excel Password Recovery Software from eSoftTools that can successfully unlocks the ex… »
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« When I try to put an API Description into a class it accepts the statement, but I cannot add any properties like OpenCB..DLLName = "User32.dll" I get an error that .. is "operator… »
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« I'm trying to use a bootstrap template on webdev25. 1- First i create a template and make all the references needed to the bootstrap page template to work correctly, 2- Create a p… »
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« Through our API, even without any programming and without having any PCSOFT WINDEV product, you can serve your customers with our sample program that demonstrates and already serve… »
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« Hi, has anybody used PDFSign ever before ? And if Yes, which certificate has you used ? So far I can see all certificates which Adobe accepts come with a token and the user must … »
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« Hi, has anybody any experience in using WD Automatic Tests functionality ? I am getting "Unable to connect to the database of test results:" message in test results pane, whatever … »
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« Hello Everyone, I have an very annoying problem with some programs that are written in Windev (versions 21 till 25) At random times a dialogwindow shows up to save a memory dump f… »
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« Hello everyone! I need to handle an external file (output of a UNIX system) that uses the LF character as separator. When I use the fOpen function it correctly opens the file but … »
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« Hi, Can someone pls help me the web service need 2 files the first facture.pdf the other analyze.json (key words used to analyse facture and extrat information), the execution retu… »
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