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[WM23] Replication
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Publicado em dezembro, 06 2018 - 8:51 PM
Hi all

I have a question about this

on windev mobile 23 there's an option that let me replicated my data base from my project to my server I really want this to make it work but there are some things that I'm missing and I don't get it.

1) I install the program that pcsoft said about:
The replication server can be installed:
via the setup pack available in the "Install\WDRServer" sub-directory of WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
when installing a WINDEV application.

I install it but I can't get it to work because of some permission I sitll don't know how to give permisions on the user.

I know that this part it's important but I can't let it work

before that then I do some code to make it work but I still doesn't know what to do...


Best Regards
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Publicado em dezembro, 07 2018 - 8:49 PM
Hi all!!


I only need to follow the instructions of this video:

just follow him to the end, in one part he will create the user and give the automatic user (that the install of the app create) the permission the server needs to open the files of the site

from there only need to follow how to replicate from the device to the server it's really easy just follow the help of PCsoft web site!

Good Luck my fellow developers!

Best Regards
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