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WM23 All Android apps are not stable
Iniciado por Adri, mar., 08 2019 8:52 AM - 6 respostas
Publicado em março, 08 2019 - 8:52 AM
We experience a lot of crashes in an Android app we created. These crashes can be reproduced with all Windev Mobile Android Apps. Even with the demo apps created by PCSoft which can be downloaded from the Playstore.

The way we produce the crash is by putting the test app to the background and using memory with other apps before we return to our test app.
The result of the crash is either a restart of the application or a crash message where in a simple app there is no error stack trace and in our complex app we do have a stack but referring to our code.

How to reproduce
• Install test app.
• Close all other apps via the task list
• Start the test app and let it fully load up
• Go back to the home screen.
• Start-up different apps, let these apps fully load up (you need to start 5-20 apps, depending on memory in your test phone)
• Return to the test app again
• Result is either restart or crash of your test app. (we found that having an image control will create the crash and without it we only experience a restart)

By running this test procedure we were able to reproduce 8 out of 10 times.

In the field testing users didn’t need to start this many other apps to create the crash, probably because of the use of WhatsApp, Calls and the waiting time in between.

We have the same results on many Android Phones. We tested on: Samsung A6, Samsung A8, Samsung S9 and Sony Xperia Z3.

We reported this bug to PCSoft with two example apps. One for restart and the other for crash. But as we mentioned, the problem is also in the apps created by PCSoft like the WDSports app.

Of course this is a big show stopper for us. Did anybody else experienced these problems and found a way to around it?
Publicado em março, 10 2019 - 4:50 PM
I have the same experience with WM24 android apps
Publicado em março, 13 2019 - 7:37 PM
Hi Ben,

Did you also reported this to PCSoft?

Publicado em abril, 18 2019 - 8:23 PM
For everybody experiencing these crashes PCSoft finally recognized the error and produced a correction patch. This solved our crashes. It didn't solve the closing of the app in the background but probably this is due to Android behavior.

In the end we are happy that PCSoft solved the problem but getting there is as painful as always. In all our bug reports to PCSoft we have the same experience. We know we need to be very,very clear in communication and create a simple app to reproduce. The problem is that PCSoft's default reponse is performing a quick scan, not finding the issue and return the problem to us. And in almost every case we need to get angry before they investigate the problem seriously. For the record, all our reported problems ended in a correction patch. We really think PCSoft should improve this process.
Publicado em abril, 24 2019 - 12:05 AM
where can anyone get that patch ? if its something like that it will be nice a link or information about where can we get the patch and how to apply it.
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Publicado em outubro, 20 2020 - 12:29 AM
Windev mobile its very bad product, its a rip off. Very expensive tool that really doesnt work guys. Dont waste your money and time, It wont be solve. They dont care for bugs, there is no list for bugs and status there is nothing, support for pcsoft its very bad and gives you a lot a troubles to even try to help you. Its really bad news
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Publicado em outubro, 20 2020 - 5:49 AM
Is it expensive ? = YES, is it a bad product ? = NO. PCSOFT products are good products if you are really a programmer or an engineer. they do get the job done quickly and they are good tools if you are an experienced programmer. the problem is that out in the world thay are ALLOT of so called programmers that do not have a clue of what they are doing and do not know anything about programming. The only thing i find bad about PCSOFT products is that they are so easy to use that it allows those PSEUDO PROGRAMMERS, to actually write an application (and usually they are the ones that complain about the tool). But if you know what you are doing and combine tradicional code and traditional programming languages and know how to program, how to REALLY design and architecture for a software (patterns and so on) and really know how to debug and structure things. PCSOFT products are great tools. But yes they are expensive.... but where are you going to find good profesional programmig tools now days for free ? (except for visual studio).