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WD Mob 24 and Android API 29
Iniciado por Arie, set., 22 2020 3:17 PM - 12 respostas
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Publicado em setembro, 22 2020 - 3:17 PM

I am currently using Windev Mobile 24 to build apps for both IOS and Android.
A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Google saying that we need to make our apps compatible with Android 10/11 (API level 29) to stay compliant.

Is it possible to use the new Android SDK with Windev? I already installed the new Android Studio and updated all components of the SDK.
At generation time of the app, I point the generation tools to my path of Gradle 4.4.1, and the path to the SDK points to the path of the Android Studio SDK. Then it complains about "The Google Repository extension (add-on) is not found". What is this and what should I check or change in my setup?

Or is WM24 not compatible in any way with Android 10+ ?

Publicado em setembro, 26 2020 - 3:01 PM
Hello arie,

yes, we use the newest version of Android SDK and Gradle 6.6.1.

2 steps are necessary:

1. rename .\gradle-6.6.1\lib\gradle-launcher-6.6.1.jar to gradle-launcher-4.4.1.jar and use this path in generating.
2. Edit your manifest: uses-sdk / android:targetSdkVersion: 29

With best regards,

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Publicado em setembro, 27 2020 - 4:46 PM
Hi, I think it all depends on the needs of your application and the features you use. WM24 is not compatible with Android 10. In Android 10 for example many things have changed with the handling of the processes in the background. Also the "Google Repository extension (add-on)" library is no longer being updated for some time and all the current development is focused on the use of the AndroidX libraries. Sooner or later you will find functions that cannot be used with recent devices.

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Publicado em setembro, 27 2020 - 8:37 PM
Hello Ruben, remember that windev is more a programable framework than a real programming language. I know many people who are old windev users will argue that fact. But the truth is that windev is nothing more than a programable framework, and when things evolve or change in the systems you are going to target if you use old versions of the product you are stuck. because you are bounded to the windev framework. For example PCSOFT at the moment is Blaming Apple for the problems the windev framework have with compilation of the apps because of the changes PCSOFT have made to their framework. If you where using a real programming language you will be able to get around those things because you dont have another big layer and black-box like the windev framework is.

Now with this i am not saying PCSOFT products are bad products, because they are not... they are great and they do save allot of time, as long as you realize the following. 1) They are NOT and they will never ever be a real programming language 2) they are BIG programable frameworks with steroids 3) You are bound and you are stuck with the errors the framework has because you will never be able to fix them (if PCSOFT do not fix them you are doomed), of if technology evolves and some things become incompatible with some of the things inside the framework you are stuck again, that will never ever happen with a real programming language it does not matter how old it is. 4) You need to purchase the updates every year to be able to keep up with the changes of the technology out there.

Once the person who uses PCSOFT products is able to accept those 4 FACTS, then they are great tools to work with. but they will never be as flexible as coding in Android Studio or XCODE using SWIFT because you need to deal with the GOOD and the BAD of having a framework in the middle like PCSOFT products have.

So my advise to you is ....upgrade to version 25
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Publicado em setembro, 28 2020 - 8:51 AM
Thanks for your answers guys. And your insights.
I stick with the practical answer of Werner which got me an updated and working version of my app.

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Publicado em outubro, 04 2020 - 4:55 PM
Salut, Windevcol. Mon commentaire était juste que le cadre WX24 n'est plus compatible avec certaines exigences d'Android 10 (nouvelles permissions, nouvelles limitations d'accès, etc). Bien sûr, je suis d'accord sur le fait que la gestion des migrations est très complexe et qu'elle n'est pas seulement une langue. Le problème est que nous dépendons du cadre pour être mis à jour selon les besoins (ces derniers temps, c'est comme ça) et que les erreurs des versions précédentes et celles ajoutées par chaque nouvelle version sont corrigées (ce qui n'est pas toujours fait). L'utilisation de la GC pour développer des applications "publiques" implique la nécessité de toujours mettre à jour l'environnement, ce qui n'est pas toujours nécessaire avec d'autres environnements. Si vos applications sont uniquement destinées à un usage interne, vous n'aurez peut-être pas à vous mettre à jour chaque année avec les nouvelles versions. C'est une chose qu'il faut assumer. Si vous voulez profiter de WM, vous devez constamment vous mettre à jour pour être en mesure de répondre aux exigences changeantes d'Android et d'IOS.

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Publicado em outubro, 04 2020 - 9:29 PM
Yes Ruben i agree with you 100%. if you use windev for serious development and want to keep up with technology you need to update. Making untested changes and using tricks and workarounds just to make something work that is not suppose to work like renaming the libraries and using other versions just to make it compile can bring all sorts of unknown problems that you will never will be able to figure out. so if one wants to use windev for public or client app development you need to realize that you need to have a budget to be able to upgrade each year to be able to keep up.
Publicado em novembro, 11 2020 - 4:54 PM
Yesterday, i was suprise with google play cannot publish my app because i havent the api 29

I dowloaded de newest SDK but windev give me problems to find the gradle (even if i rename it to 4.4.1)

I opened advance configuration over the generation and change the manifest, in targetSdkVersion put "29"

That's works for me at moment, i don´t know if google change this in a future or windev publish an update for this in version 24.

If anyone have this problem, just try it.

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Publicado em novembro, 12 2020 - 5:31 AM
@Gus Chavana, PCSOFT does not updates OLD versions of the IDE, meaning that if you want to be able to keep up with mobile development that actually is ever changing both in Android and IOS alwyas with new requirenments and rules, you need to keep your IDE updated. so i will recommend to avoid issues to upgrade your license to version 26 when that version is released.
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Publicado em novembro, 12 2020 - 5:34 AM
Windev and Webdev are products that you can hold on to update every other year, because they do age very well. But Windev Mobile due to the dynamic nature of mobile development i will recommend to update every year.
Publicado em novembro, 13 2020 - 9:49 PM
Thankyou for the comment.

Actually, google play approves the app after do some changes in the manifest but look to have some bugs. We cant use image control when a picture take from the phone and cant send it to our FTP server.

We are talking to upgrade to the new version, hope it to we get it very soon to solve this issues in our app.

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Publicado em novembro, 15 2020 - 6:30 AM
@Gus Chavana, i dont think that is a bug, i think is something wrong with the way you are sending the picture to the FTP server, because if you take the picture succesfully (which i assume you are) and you have the image in binary on your application then i think is the code that you have writen to upload the image to the server where the problem is. I dont think the problem is on the windev framework i am 99.9% sure is in the code you wrote.
there are many ways of doing such uploads ..... but like i said i dont think is windev mobile where the problem is.
Publicado em junho, 21 2021 - 8:13 PM
thanyou for your comment.

A few months ago we got the newest version of windev mobile (WM25). After export the project to the newest version the app just worked fine on google play version. No code or controls modified.

No problems with WM24 api 28 and WM25 api 29. (but using the WM24 with api 29 just crash) i don´t think was the code, just the incompatibility on windev.

On that moment of my comment i wasn´t looking for the newest version, but we was forced to update to keep our workflow.