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Issues regarding Android 11
Iniciado por Patrick, mar., 12 2021 10:12 AM - 2 respostas
Publicado em março, 12 2021 - 10:12 AM

I installed my App created with Windev Mobile 25 on different devices running Android 11. The App crashes all the time, but on different runtimes so I was not able to locate the exact problem. Also the devices does not show the known error report window. The app is stoped by the system or it crashes with a black screen.

I tried to update the Android SDK via WindevMobile using the generation wizard. But WM ist not able to find and download the generation tools via the PCSoft servers. And I want to avoid updating the SDK manually, as I faced a lot of compatibility issues with WM and the newer/newest SDKs in the past.

Are there any known issues regarding WindevMobile and Android 11 and is WM25 even capable of using the Android 11 SDK?

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Publicado em junho, 16 2022 - 1:06 PM
Hi, Patrick

I have a similar problem

My WM application was done in WM24, the application worked neatly until the Android 11 version.

Has anyone had a similar problem?
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Publicado em junho, 16 2022 - 3:43 PM
I Will suggest for you to update the version of your windev Mobile IDE, remember there is a reason they have updates every year. also none of the versions you mentioned on the post (24, 25) officially support Android 11, that support is for version 26 with updates and above