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[WM26 Android] Question about different screen sizes/anchor and DPI? (cross post wxforum.info)
Iniciado por Alexander Predl, jan., 02 2022 11:56 AM - Sem resposta
Publicado em janeiro, 02 2022 - 11:56 AM

I have a lot of problems regarding different screen sizes and their DPI, so even if I don't change anything in the editor, the screen with all anchors will disordered, changing the window size in the editor AFFECTS the window and control sizes/positions in the finally APP... this shouldn't affect it at all....

So I decided to manually change the position and size of every control in the APP....but even the upper notch (where the camera sits) is not handled, the SysYRes() reports the whole screen and the .height of the window is about 75px smaller... this is very annoying...

Images in the editor are in a size of 1080x1920, but when I start the app, the image is about 5-6 times bigger than in the editor, even I cannot develop in real size so in the editor 1080x1920, s in the APP everything is completely disordered.

Maybe it is, because I have a background image... but I need it, it is a kiosk APP... I need to position the controls according the background image... in the editor and in the app it should be on the same position/size.

In WM23&24 I hadn't this problems at all... so...


How do you handle the screen orientation (mainly atm tablet, portrait) and sizes (DPI) in WM25/26?? Can you give me a tip how to proceed??


This function I don't understand at all... if I have a window size of 800x1280 in the app 1080x1920 what does this function do?? Do I really need to reposition every control to have a working APP??

Is this behavior maybe a bug in WM25/26??