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Use SQL statements in WinDev Mobile 21
Iniciado por PhumeleleSJose, abr., 27 2022 8:56 AM - 1 resposta
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Publicado em abril, 27 2022 - 8:56 AM

I'm developing an Android app with a SQLite database in WM21 but I can't find the way to execute SQL statements like ALTER TABLE.

Query editor don't suport this kind of statements, function HExecuteSQLQuery() declares this query to the HFSQL engine and fails, and SQLExec() doesn't work because SQLConnect() isn't avaliable in Android.

Exists any way to do this with WM21?
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Publicado em junho, 01 2022 - 6:33 AM
In my ventures through other peoples' solutions, I don't think I've seen a NoSQL solution properly employed once. The data tends to be highly relational in nature, which should have been all the information they needed to make the correct decision. But worse, they aren't grouping data properly into documents, but are still trying to normalize it like they would in a SQL database - just without the joins. I've drove over at least a few transaction-shaped IEDs in these projects, where the lack of transactional business logic causes the data to go absolutely haywire in real world scenarios.

The decision to go with Cosmos, Dynamo or Mongo seems to always be made by middle managers who want to save some upfront cost on a MSSQL license (we are a Microsoft shop), or are just savvy enough to know that Mongo is new and cool, but aren't anywhere near savvy enough to understand why not to use it as the backbone e-chats.com/omegle for their data.