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[WM27] Need help consuming a external Android .aar (ATM)
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Publicado em agosto, 01 2022 - 10:41 AM

I try to consume a .aar from SIX Payments, they have an app which I can control the ATM. This app works fine, so I wanted to use this .aar from the app in WM27 but I stopped on a little problem:

public static void SIXConnect()

Activity tmpActivity = getCurrentActivity();
ComponentActivity compActivity = new ComponentActivity();
Context context = getApplicationContext();

TerminalAndroid terminal = null;


This compiles fine, but on runtime line TerminalAndroid.onCreate(compActivity) it tells me an error:

Message=Internal error.
System message=No virtual method getActivityResultRegistry()Landroidx/activity/result/ActivityResultRegistry; in class Landroidx/activity/ComponentActivity; or its super classes (declaration of 'androidx.activity.ComponentActivity' appears in /data/app/com.syspredl.primakiosk.go-LiDD1Id5ZRvcsP5yM1MibQ==/base.apk)
Process=Clic sur WIN_TEST.BTN_NoName1
WLanguage stack=Clic sur WIN_TEST.BTN_NoName1
Java stack=com.six.timapi.TerminalAndroid.onCreate(TerminalAndroid.java:55)

I'm sure, I need a ComponentActivity from WinDev (seems to be null), how can I get a ComponentActivity from WinDev Mobile??

When I use the Activity the error is:

error: incompatible types: Activity cannot be converted to ComponentActivity

Alexander Predl