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WINDEV MOBILE 26 : backup table contents
Iniciado por JOSE MIGUEL, set., 01 2022 3:03 PM - Sem resposta
Publicado em setembro, 01 2022 - 3:03 PM

Good. I have a fully functional application in windev mobile, this application when installed carries a series of images that are saved in a table with more data, these data and images the user can change and add more records and images.
My question is. How to make a backup of the contents of these tables with images inside, so that when you have an update of the application you can recover everything even if something has changed in the analysis.
With the text I have no problems since it could be saved in a flat file but the images of each record I don't know how to do it

Is it possible to create data tables that are not in the analysis (that is, outside the application) to save and retrieve data?
Thanks in advance